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  • 25 Nov 2015


    Glennie Kindred helps us mark the winter solstice with our families. The winter solstice falls in the heart of the winter on the shortest day and the longest night of the year. This special festival is an opportunity in our busy lives to put aside some time to pause, to appreciate the stillness and rest that is the gift of midwinter, to reflect on the old year that is finishing and to look forward with hope for the new year about to begin. […] more

  • 16 Nov 2015

    Celebrate tree week

    So you're a green parent and want to preserve the environment for generations to come? National Tree Week, running from 23rd November to 1st December, is the perfect chance to express your love of nature and children by planting trees. Each year, the Tree Council invites people to get involved with the UK's biggest tree-planting event, launching the start of the winter tree planting season. Schools, community groups, volunteer organisation and local authorities all get involved in National Tree Week, and there are plenty of events to attend. […] more

  • 11 Nov 2015

    A different way of living

    Are you currently wondering if there are better ways to live? Are there times when you feel isolated and would like to live in a community – yet not wanting to give up your own private space? Would you like to live in a place where children can play safely? Are you interested in eco-friendly living with low energy and heating costs and the possibility of reducing your carbon foot print? Here Connie Jenth shares her experiences. […] more

  • 2 Nov 2015

    Preparing for winter on a budget

    Summer is officially over and Autumn is upon us. Though the colder months bring excitement and festivities, their charms certainly don’t extend to the heating bill. With energy bills soaring, year upon year, many are struggling to heat their homes for a reasonable price and are either freezing or going without other essentials, such as wholesome food, in order to simply survive. The elderly, understandably, are particularly vulnerable at this time of year. If you’re feeling the financial pressure or are looking to save some money this year, take a look at our top tips for keeping warm and preparing for the winter months on a budget. […] more

  • 26 Oct 2015

    Eight ways to celebrate Samhain

    Samhain (pronounced sow’ain) is the precursor to today’s Halloween, an ancient Celtic festival honouring the ancestors that came before us. It is believed that at this time of year the veil between this life and the Otherworld are at their thinnest, meaning that connection and communication with the dead is easier. To our modern ears, this may sound morbid – or downright scary – but Pagans respected death as a normal and natural part of our journey. The fact that Samhain became Halloween – a day for getting dressed up in our most frightening and ghoulish costumes – means we mostly forget to mark this time of year with a deep, intuitive respect for the cycles of life. […] more

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