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  • 21 Nov 2014

    Gluten and Dairy Free Gingerbread Biscuits

    It wouldn’t be Christmas without Gingerbread now, would it? For those of us eating clean whole foods this needn’t mean breaking from our lifestyle choices as I’ve discovered a rather good little recipe! I’m not confident I could build a gingerbread house with it just yet, but it makes the most delicious biscuits that get the seal of approval from the littlest members of the household. Please note: this recipe contains nuts. […] more

  • 20 Nov 2014

    Gluten and Dairy Free Mince Pies

    I was recently shocked to discover that mince pies are dying out. As a bit of an obsessive lover of all things Christmas, mince pies are up there with laying out decorations when it comes to things I tend to indulge in far too early in the year. I get quite carried away. I have spent many years, in the months of October and November, trying and failing to resist the charms of the mince pie whilst dreaming of snow and santa. But, it would appear that these sentiments are fading with each new generation. […] more

  • 8 Nov 2014

    Gluten and dairy free pumpkin pie

    Got some leftover pumpkin from Halloween? Seeing them all discounted at the supermarket? Why not whip up a simple yet super delicious pumpkin pie? Made with healthy and unprocessed ingredients and rich in fats, vitamins and minerals – it’s not just a tasty dessert, it’s a health boost at the time of year your body needs it the very most. […] more

  • 8 Nov 2014

    5 natural cold remedies

    It’s a magical time of year, memories of Halloween still dancing through children’s minds and fireworks bursting through the evenings. Christmas twinkling on the horizon but what’s that sound coming from the upstairs bedroom? Oh no, one of your littles has the sniffles. It’s THAT time of year again. Coughs and colds are unavoidable and are, according to a growing body of research, actually important for our long term health. But that doesn’t make them any more pleasant or bearable when the whole family is struck down at once. Instead of reaching for the Calpol, Tixylix or antibiotics why not try to find relief naturally, without any chemicals, to help give your body the best possible boost it needs. […] more

  • 29 Oct 2014

    Dairy free, vegan chocolate fudge

    Whole food dessert recipes excite me. I’m not certain that the novelty of healthful foods being incredibly delicious will ever truly wear off. As a former junk food addict and once obese adult, the longing for sweet treats has yet to leave me. It’s a relief and a pleasure, therefore, to be able to experiment with recipes that satisfy those cravings whilst filling my body with good, strong fuel. Today, I’m sharing my favourite dairy free fudge recipe that is allergen free and filled with brain boosting fats, body cleansing antioxidants and heart healthy minerals. A treat you can really feel good about! […] more

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