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  • 12 Sep 2013

    10 uses for apple cider vinegar

    Apple cider vinegar is one of those powerhouses of health – the kind of product you can use for an absolute plethora of ailments, and as a natural cleaner to boot. It’s also one of those products you buy and leave languishing in the back of the cupboard, apart from the occasional sprinkle on a salad or two. Or maybe that’s just me. But when a friend was complaining of a dry, itchy scalp recently, and a family member had a pesky urine infection that wouldn’t go, both times I suddenly remembered all the stuff I’d read about apple cider vinegar. […] more

  • 11 Sep 2013

    Reflexology works

    As a trained reflexologist, I was delighted to hear that recent research found reflexology to be as effective as painkillers. Whilst I was practising, I often came across the opinion that reflexology had, at best, a placebo effect, and was, at worst, total mumbo jumbo. I have had conversations with friends during which I tried my best to describe how it worked only to be met with disbelieving stares. So research like this is always timely for alternative and complementary medicine practitioners. Whilst it doesn’t answer all the questions around reflexology, it certainly indicates that under controlled conditions, reflexology stands up to the test. […] more

  • 11 Sep 2013

    Salt therapy for children

    Salt Therapy is a 100% natural, drug- free treatment. As a result of Salt therapy, inflammation and mast cell response within the bronchi reduces, so the quality and function of breathing improves. Thanks to the desensitisation of the immune response, sleep patterns will improve and acute attacks and the need for medication will substantially decrease. This means the child will have more energy to play or exercise and become stronger and more resilient to every day infections.The Salt Cave is now offering a 30% discount on all packages for children with the first visit free! […] more

  • 2 Sep 2013

    Natural Pain Relief - Headaches

    If you’re trying to rid your family from chemicals, including the prescription variety, your usual ibuprofen/paracetamol combo isn’t working or you’re pregnant and would prefer not to take any medicated pain relief at all, you may find yourself struggling to cope with a headache and no idea how to relieve it. Fortunately, there is a wide variety of natural pain relief available in the natural world. Mother nature knows how to take care of us, we’ve just become a little too dependent upon modern medicine. […] more

  • 31 Aug 2013

    Treat allergies naturally

    Your child has Asthma or Eczema? Treat it with 100% natural, drug free and clinically proven Salt Therapy. Studies suggest that 85-95% of children became symptom-free after only a few therapy sessions, and this effect is long term. Parents noted that after 10-12 months there was still a significant improvement in their symptoms and regular medication had been reduced by 65-75%. […] more

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