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  • 1 Mar 2015

    5 natural stress relievers

    As a parent, there’s no such thing as clocking off. Even if your little ones stay over at Grandma’s for the evening, you’re still on call. 24/7. Parents must be constantly ready to act, to be there and to take care of their children. It is no wonder, then, that many of us struggle to take care of ourselves when times are hard. Our natural response is to take care of the children first and keep plodding along as best we can. But, a little time to take care of ourselves can go a long way to helping us be more present for our children. It may be difficult to orchestrate but “me time” is essential when it comes to good parenting. […] more

  • 2 Feb 2015

    Natural Beauty Awards 2015

    We have just launched the Green Parent Natural Beauty Awards 2015. This exciting time of year sees hundreds of natural beauty products arrive in our office and get packaged up to send out to our testers. The winning products in each of the 40 categories will be featured in a gorgeous handbag sized supplement, on sale with issue 66 of the Green Parent magazine. Want to get involved? Find out how below. […] more

  • 1 Feb 2015

    Holistic Valentine

    If you can side-step all the red fluffy hearts and Clintons cards outlets, Valentines Day is a perfect opportunity to celebrate your love and the forthcoming spring. In preparing for a lover's night in, start by making yourself feel sparkly and fantastic. […] more

  • 1 Feb 2015

    10 ways to connect with your lover

    Relationships take work. Most of us are muddling through, getting it right sometimes and wrong the rest of the time, but learning all the time. February is the month of love. Here are our top ten tips for connecting with your partner all year round. […] more

  • 2 Jan 2015

    8 Ways to beat the January blues

    With January statistically the most depressing month in the UK, we round up eight ways to beat the blues and make January happy and fun. […] more

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