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  • 24 Jun 2016

    The Lost Art of Soapmaking

    Just as home-baking ensures only the most wholesome and natural ingredients have gone into your family’s meal, making your own soap ensures only the gentlest ingredients touch your loved ones’ skin. While daunting in the first instance, much like making a brand new dish, once practiced a handful of times the procedure becomes a quick, easy, and, most importantly, enjoyable affair, and a valuable way to protect your own and your family’s health. Ellie Garwood gets creative and discovers how we can make our own natural beauty products ingredients, often straight from your back-garden, including nettles, lavender and chamomile. […] more

  • 24 Jun 2016

    Make Your Own Perfume

    OUR SENSE OF SMELL IS AN EXTREMELY important contributor to our feelings of happiness and well being, says Karen Gilbert. It is something many people take for granted until they have a cold and can no longer taste or smell food properly. Certain smells can affect our mood, buying habits, mental alertness and are used extensively by the fragrance industry even if we do not consciously notice them in our environment. […] more

  • 24 Jun 2016

    Make Your Own Bodycare

    It’s so liberating to experiment with making your own bodycare products. You are able to decide exactly what ingredients go into your concoctions and can choose the right ingredients for your hair or skin type and then tweak the recipe until you get something that suits you perfectly. It’s greener because it uses less resources for packaging and production and you save money too! Creams take a little practice but are very simple to make and it’s very useful to be able to tailor the results to your skin’s needs. Some of the recipes take a while to make, scented oil for example, needs to be left to steep for several weeks but these processes bring you back in touch with nature, tending to your creations becomes part of your daily rhythms. Remember to keep remedies as simple as possible to allow the botanicals to work their magic. […] more

  • 24 Jun 2016

    MAKE YOUR OWN natural beauty

    Make your own sumptuous skincare products with this selection of good enough to eat recipes. […] more

  • 13 May 2016

    WIN the SBC Cotton Collection!

    Using 100% natural allergen free fragrance, SBC's dermatologically tested Cotton Collection has been created for people who have sensitive, allergy prone skin, ideal for those who are particularly reactive to fragrances. Infused with calming and soothing Oat Flour extract and refining Wheat Germ blend with Milk peptides, help skin quickly regain strength and beauty. Suitable for adults and babies. Developed by experts, SBC’s renowned collection ranges from prescriptive aqua gels, deeply cleansing exfoliators, to exceptionally moisturising body butters and body corrective skincare. All SBC products are enriched with nature’s most selective plant extracts and are precisely crafted to deliver powerfully effective results. […] more

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