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  • 2 Dec 2013

    Get ready for your detox

    The 6th January is D-Day! Get ready for your Detox... With the overindulgence of the festive season, including lots of eating and too many glasses of your favourite tipple, we can often overdo it a bit during Christmas and New Year, so it’s little wonder that many of us head into January feeling tired, sluggish, rundown and slightly overweight. Should auld ‘indulgences’ be forgot and never brought to mind? Its fun to enjoy the festivities and feasting that Christmas and New Year brings but one resolution that shouldn’t be forgotten is to allow your body to recover from all these excesses. […] more

  • 25 Nov 2013

    Win Organic Surge gift sets

    Organic Surge, a natural and organic skincare company, is currently offering you the chance to win one of three Christmas gift sets, worth nearly £40. Each gift set includes volume boost shampoo, volume boost conditioner, spiced lily foaming bath, sugared almond shower gel, lavender meadow body lotion, super-intensive daily moisturiser, and an Organic Surge gift bag. It's everything you need to keep yourself or a friend in tip top condition this winter. […] more

  • 24 Nov 2013

    WIN Burt’s Bees Christmas bundle of natural goodness

    Burt’s Bees® has been offering distinctive natural health and beauty care products for over 25 years. From a beekeeper’s backyard in Maine to the leading edge of natural, Burt’s Bees® knows natural body care solutions from head-to-toe. The company creates products for total skin health that keep The Greater Good™ top of mind. No petrochemicals, phthalates, parabens or sodium lauryl sulfate. Not tested on animals. […] more

  • 16 Nov 2013

    Do you really need the flu jab?

    Vaccination decisions are, naturally, a touchy subject. They divide opinion with many worrying about the effects of either decision. From the outlandish conspiracy theories and claims of pro-vaccine sites to the dogmatic denial from health professionals that vaccines are in any way harmful, it can be difficult to find any truth or way to move forward when making this important decision for yourself or your family. Growing up, influenza was never something we really feared. It was a common illness, striking mainly in the winter months, that we understood to be nasty but almost always completely benign. […] more

  • 8 Nov 2013

    The seeds of anxiety

    With as many as 1 in 6 young people in the UK suffering from some form of anxiety disorder at some point in their lives and many more having regular feelings of “intense” generalised anxiety, we are seeing an increase in anxiety cases year upon year. Over the past 70 years, the numbers have been rapidly increasing. And whilst some cases of anxiety develop later in life for unrelated reasons, a large number of cases can be traced back to childhood. […] more

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