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  • 1 Oct 2015


    As the season begins to change, and the year’s outer growth cycle comes to an end, the autumn reveals many new possibilities. The festival of Samhain, at the end of October, marks the end of the old year’s cycle and the beginning of the Celtic New Year. Traditionally it is a time to honour our interconnected world, especially the unseen world of spirit; to welcome a time of rest and renewal; and to remember those who have died. Glennie Kindred celebrates the Celtic New Year at Samhain. […] more

  • 1 Oct 2015


    We have chosen our top ten island breaks for families – perfect for a last minute holiday during the October half-term. Or use this guide to help you plan your escape for next summer. […] more

  • 1 Oct 2015

    20 books for kids - Black History Month

    October is Black History Month and there are plenty of events taking place across the UK. The perfect place to start an education about black history is at home, and we’ve rounded up some of the best children’s books to get you started. Here are our twenty top picks for inspiring you and your children during Black History Month. […] more

  • 1 Oct 2015

    Our home education journey

    Dan and I knew we were going to home educate from the start. We might have had wobbly moments but from the instant we fell pregnant with our eldest, it was pretty much a sure thing. As I did my research about educational theories and the legalities and realities of home educating in the UK I swung wildly between styles. Some days I saw the merit in following a carefully chosen curriculum and on others I was convinced that a completely autonomous unschooling lifestyle was the path for us. Ultimately (and probably predictably), as our daughter approached mandatory school age we settled comfortably somewhere in between the two. […] more

  • 1 Sep 2015

    Festivals we loved this year

    Looking for inspiration for a great festival to take your family to next year? Here are some of our favourites from 2015. Think sandpits in fields, circus skills, birth workshops and a full sized pirate ship. Festivals are such a great opportunity for families to reconnect with each other and other like-minded families. Here's a guide to planning your fun filled summer in 2016... […] more

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