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  • 4 Sep 2015

    Pumpkin brownies

    Want something a little different to do with your pumpkin flesh this year? Look no further, these delicious pumpkin brownies will go down a treat with family and friends so whether you’re planning a quiet family evening in or having a big celebration be sure to add these to your recipes list! These sweet treats have the added benefit of being both gluten and dairy free! […] more

  • 2 Sep 2015

    10 uses for apple cider vinegar

    Apple cider vinegar is one of those powerhouses of health – the kind of product you can use for an absolute plethora of ailments, and as a natural cleaner to boot. It’s also one of those products you buy and leave languishing in the back of the cupboard, apart from the occasional sprinkle on a salad or two. Or maybe that’s just me. But when a friend was complaining of a dry, itchy scalp recently, and a family member had a pesky urine infection that wouldn’t go, both times I suddenly remembered all the stuff I’d read about apple cider vinegar. […] more

  • 2 Sep 2015

    5 reasons to choose reusable sanitary products

    Making the switch from disposable sanitary products to reusable can be a little complicated seeming at first. The logistics seem complicated, initial outlay looks pricey and simply getting your head around menstruation not being a dirty thing to throw away with disgust can be the biggest internal battle for most. For many mothers, however, using reusable sanitary products is the next logical step after introducing cloth nappies to the home. Wherever you are in your journey, we have 5 convincing reasons for you to take the plunge and make the switch today! […] more

  • 1 Sep 2015

    7 ways to encourage healthy eating

    For most families, their child’s food habits are one of the biggest sources of concern - particularly in the early years. What your child eats is important to both their immediate and long term health, it can affect their development and even their cognitive abilities. It is no surprise that food can cause a great deal of anxiety for parents. Whatever your hopes for your child, whether it’s more vegetables or any vegetables at all, there are ways to foster healthy eating habits to set them up for a long and healthy life. Interestingly, some of that involves a little understanding and a lot more faith on our part. […] more

  • 31 Aug 2015

    Dairy and Gluten Free Chocolate Brownies

    Now this is a really exciting recipe! For anyone who loves hummingbird brownies, this is your healthy and allergy friendly alternative. Suitable for paleo diets, dairy free diets and even gluten free diets. These squidgy bites of heaven are filled with fibre, anti-oxidants, heart healthy fats and lots of gut healing goodness. There are practically healthy giving brownies - yay! This recipe makes enough to serve 12 or 6 (if your family are brownie fiends!). Enjoy! […] more

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