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  • 12 Mar 2015

    Make your home an ecozone

    'Over 15 years many homes have become Ecozones so why not make your home an Ecozone - REDUCING CO2 saves you money! Ecozone want to reduce the amount of toxic chemicals you live with. Homes should be safe, clean places for people to flourish, not germs,' says Waldyr Arias. 'But we don’t see why giving dirt the heave-ho means letting loose all manner of planet-zapping toxins.' […] more

  • 12 Mar 2015

    Win one of 5 Barefoot SOS skin-saver sets

    Meet baby Otto. Barefoot SOS Face & Body Rescue Cream literally came to his rescue after an eczema flare-up at just 5 weeks old. Perfect for all the family and not just eczema sufferers, the careful blend of botanical ingredients quenches dry, thirsty skin from within. Each set includes a Face & Body Rescue Cream and Soothing Face & Body Wash. […] more

  • 12 Mar 2015

    Win an elegant energy boost from Phi!

    Transform your energy today. Energy interference from our much loved gadgets such as phones, computers and wi-Fi can zap our energy and affect our health. If you’re worried about yourself or your children living in the sea of electro-pollution we have created then look into energyDOTs. A simple but revolutionary device which carries the Phi energy signature. This signature retunes energy interference so it is less harmful to us. Benefits include deeper sleep, greater concentration, few headaches and more energy. […] more

  • 12 Mar 2015

    Win a collection of aromatherapy goodies worth £70

    Internationally acclaimed for her pioneering work in modern aromatherapy, Micheline Arcier’s work continues with the exclusive natural hand-blended products she created, and iconic treatments she developed from her Knightsbridge clinic. Experience the secret of her winning approach to natural health and beauty by entering our competition to win a Nurturing Bath Therapy Gift Set (containing 15mls each of Enchantement, Équilibre and Lavande Bath Oils) Bath & Shower Crystal Collection (containing 40ml each of Élan Vital, Enchantement and Harmonie Himalayan Crystals) and a copy of her book “Aromatherapy”. Total RRP £72. […] more

  • 3 Mar 2015

    Win 1 of 3 Shea Mooti Gift Sets

    Shea Mooti, is an award winning skin care range of natural ethically sourced ingredients for baby and mum which is specifically formulated to make managing skin complaints such as eczema easier. Retailing in Fortnum and Mason, Selfridges and Mothercare to name a few Shea Mooti is the go to brand for new and expecting mums who are seeking gentle, yet effective moisturising skin and bath products which leave the skin nourished and supple. […] more

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