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  • 1 Sep 2015

    Keeping strong at Equinox

    You may well be aware that we are entering a time of flux and change. Even if you don’t know about Autumn Equinox, a lot of people notice a change in their body’s rhythms and their general health at this time of year. Before I knew that much about Autumn Equinox, I’d notice that every year around the same time, lots of the people I was working with seemed to succumb to some bug or another, feel more tired, emotional, or a bit all over the place. I later learned that Autumn Equinox, which falls this year on Sunday 22nd September, is a time of extraordinary change when we often experience what is known as a ‘healing crisis’. […] more

  • 31 Aug 2015

    Eight ways to save money choosing organic

    The UK Government has committed in law to cutting the country's greenhouse emissions 80% by 2050. And with our industrialised food and farming system currently responsible for around 30% of UK emissions it's clear that we need to make fundamental changes to way we grow and eat our food. Only radical changes to our diets and farming systems can achieve the level of greenhouse gas cuts needed. And some of these changes can be made the next time you shop. Buying organic food and supporting organic farming, alongside a shift to less and mainly grass-fed meat and dairy products, with more seasonal fruit and vegetables should be the first step for anyone who takes climate change seriously. […] more

  • 24 Aug 2015

    Healing migraine with nutrition

    Did you know that 190,000 people suffer from a migraine attack every day? It’s estimated that migraine affects 1 in 7 people - over eight million people in the United Kingdom alone. Migraine is a complex neurological disorder and many sufferers feel that there is relatively little understanding of its impact. Migraine Awareness Week, run by Migraine Action and supported by other migraine charities, takes place this year from 1st to 7th September. The week aims to raise awareness of migraine, encourage those affected to seek the information, support and treatment they may need and increase support for MA’s work. […] more

  • 19 Aug 2015

    7 remedies for your family aromatherapy first aid kit

    When I was studying Aromatherapy many years ago, I began to wonder how I had ever been without these little life-savers. Sure, I enjoyed essential oils before then, adding them to oil burners and perhaps a drop or two in the bath. But finding out more about their chemical make-up gave me a deeper respect and understanding of these amazing gifts from nature. I soon discovered just how many minor ailments can be easily treated using them. […] more

  • 5 Aug 2015

    Award-winning handmade goat’s milk soaps

    The award winning Cyril's Soap Shed came about pretty much by accident. Catherine Shutler gave up her full-time position to raise a family almost ten years ago. 'We were already on the road to self suffiency with our chickens and vegetable gardens, and so we decided to get a goat for milk,' says Catherine. We actually ended up bringing home two goats, Penny and Florence.' A year later, the goats had borne kids and were producing a lot of milk. 'Despite me not taking the kids away from their mum, they were still providing us with over 8 pints a day!' Catherine laughs. […] more

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