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  • 1 Apr 2014

    Natural Ways to Beat the Bugs

    7th April is World Health Day, and also celebrates the founding of the World Health Organisation (WHO). Since 1950, this day highlights an area of concern for WHO, calling for education and awareness on a worldwide scale. This year’s World Health Day focuses on vectors - organisms that transmit infections from one host to another – with the emphasis on ticks, mosquitoes and other bugs such as sandflies. Though we are fortunate in the UK not to have to worry too much about diseases transmitted by these creatures, for some countries they pose serious risks to the nation’s health. […] more

  • 31 Mar 2014

    Low carb, sugar free hot chocolate

    So, I have a wedding dress to fit into and I have been overindulging on the honey a bit recently. I have, therefore, been on the hunt for the perfect way to sustain my sweet tooth whilst maintaining a healthy body weight and shape. I’m not one to diet, so this has been more about taking the final step in my health journey and cutting out the high sugar content. And, it’s been much less painful than I expected. Enjoy this thick and creamy hot chocolate with zero guilt! […] more

  • 31 Mar 2014

    5 natural stress relievers

    As a parent, there’s no such thing as clocking off. Even if your little ones stay over at Grandma’s for the evening, you’re still on call. 24/7. Parents must be constantly ready to act, to be there and to take care of their children. It is no wonder, then, that many of us struggle to take care of ourselves when times are hard. Our natural response is to take care of the children first and keep plodding along as best we can. But, a little time to take care of ourselves can go a long way to helping us be more present for our children. It may be difficult to orchestrate but “me time” is essential when it comes to good parenting. […] more

  • 29 Mar 2014

    Simple spicy maple pork

    If you like your food to pack a flavour punch and come with a spicy kick, then this is the dish for you. Deeply flavoursome and easy to make, this is one of those recipes that you will just keep coming back to. Quicker than a takeaway and with added health components, there’s no reason not to whip up a batch of some sweet and spicy pork loins – marinating optional! […] more

  • 28 Mar 2014

    10 Ways to Spring Clean Your Home

    Are you feeling the wonderful potential of spring? It’s a time that calls for clarity, in our bodies, minds and homes – creating space for light to pour in. Many people embark on an internal cleanse at this time of year, to clear the body of accumulated winter heaviness, and leave the mind refreshed and invigorated. A seasonal cleanse like this can leave you with a lightness of self, and help to reconnect you to your health and wellbeing. […] more

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