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  • 14 Jun 2014

    Could you make a difference to a child’s life?

    There are many reasons why a child or young person can’t be with their birth family but by fostering them you can help them stay in their community and school, close to their family and friends. We need foster carers to help this happen. If you could help change a child or young person’s life, have a spare room and are considering fostering read on for one family's experience. Also several foster carers share their top ten reasons why to foster a child. […] more

  • 11 Jun 2014

    Reach out this Carers’ Week

    Carers Week is an annual awareness campaign celebrating and recognising the contribution made by the UK’s 6.5 million carers who look after an ill, frail or disabled family member or friend. 2014 sees the 20th Carers Week with over 12,000 events and activities planned across the UK. These include information events, roadshows, sponsored walks and tea parties. Thousands of carers are helped during Carers Week to find out more about the services and support on offer to them locally and nationally. […] more

  • 2 Jun 2014

    Our new issue is out now

    We have just published our 59th edition of The Green Parent magazine. This issue is all about Being Wild so we cover foraging for food, wild play and the best festivals to take your family to this summer. Inside you'll find pages of ideas, inspiration and information on all stages of the parenting journey. Read about how to become a better birth partner right up to how to practice Simplicity Parenting with teens. Read on to find out more about what's in this wild edition! […] more

  • 7 May 2014

    5 things not to say to teenagers

    Chatting with friends recently, the conversation turned to what not to say to teenagers. Some of these friends are parents of teens; others, like me, have younger children but remember being a teenager all too well. After much discussion, we came up with a list of things that really don’t help to hear when you’re going through the tumultuous hormonal, physical and emotional upheaval of teenage-hood. Teenagers are some of the most maligned and misunderstood members of our society, in a kind of limbo-land without respect or standing in life and with no means yet of gaining it. […] more

  • 30 Apr 2014

    Lazy Feminism

    Much of modern feminism, I find, is a lot like modern medicine. It dabbles in existing problems, sometimes helping and sometimes not, whilst glossing over or completely misunderstanding the cause of those problems. With such circular arguments as the idea that “men” or ignorant women are preventing change despite repeated attempts to provide solutions and discourse, it should be glaringly obvious that these “solutions” are ineffective at best and worsening the situation at worst. […] more

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