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  • 18 Mar 2014

    10 reasons to choose a TV-free life

    We’ve all heard the admonitions that screen-time is responsible for a huge proportion of society’s ills, from obesity to a lack of interest in the natural world. But our children live in the 21st century and inherent in that is the fact we live technology-based lives. If we limit our children’s screen time, are they missing out on the life their peers take for granted? Are we holding them back from cultural and social experiences? In terms of television, research seems to indicate the answer is no. […] more

  • 16 Mar 2014

    Get your hands on the latest edition

    The next issue of The Green Parent magazine will hit the shelves of WH Smiths, newsagents, supermarkets, Boots and health food stores next week. The central theme is growth and there is plenty inside to help you and your family grow this spring! From how to use permaculture principles at home to making desserts from vegetables, from creating an indoor garden to starting your own babyweraing business, it's a real treat of fresh, exciting new ideas. Order a subscription today and we'll send you the next issue free! […] more

  • 15 Mar 2014

    Is swearing bad for children?

    Popular perception of swearing suggests that more than half of people consider it to be offensive and even more feel that it is something children should be protected from. This is partly the reason for the censorship of daytime television shows and broadcasts and the official “watershed”. Family viewing is considered cleaner and more wholesome when swearing is actively avoided. The BBC, in particular, go to great lengths to achieve this with notorious hard-man Phil Mitchell oft heard bellowing such atrocities as “You flipping sponge!”. But, is it really necessary and why are people so afraid of swearing around children? […] more

  • 14 Mar 2014

    Honouring your parenting choices

    It’s a minefield out there. We’ve all been in a situation where an innocent comment about a parenting decision we’ve made had the same effect as letting off a stink-bomb in polite company. Many of us who make parenting choices slightly left of the mainstream might decide it’s preferable not to mention them at all. Parenting is an emotive subject and almost all parents are familiar with the low-level guilt that seems to haunt even the most simple of parental choices. […] more

  • 13 Mar 2014

    How children learn about nurture through animals

    We all hope to raise children who are aware of others and the world around them. Children are drawn to the natural world, a biological tendency called biophillia. We’ve all seen the way in which children, unhindered by adult influence, will naturally run towards animals. But if we do not offer opportunities for this innate sense to develop, children can develop a fear of nature, known as biophobia. These children are afraid or contemptuous of nature and natural surroundings, and often avoid animals. […] more

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