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  • 24 Nov 2015

    A natural advent calendar

    Advent calendars are such a delight for children. Opening the little windows to discover a new picture inside is always exciting, and the prospect of doing so each day until Christmas builds up to the big event in a magical way. However, so many advent calendars now feature children's television characters that it can feel like a big advertising ploy. Or you might resent the prevalence of chocolate calendars, with children scoffing cheap sugary rubbish before breakfast! […] more

  • 12 Nov 2015

    New Edition Out This Week!

    The theme for our latest edition is peace. Want to know how to be a more peaceful parent and learn great conflict resolution skills? Interested in a Buddhist approach to family life? This edition is packed with articles to help you on your way. We also have a holistic guide to autism and the benefits of being an introverted parent. Try our festive ideas from decorations to craft to a simple stocking template that you can easily whip up at home. […] more

  • 11 Nov 2015

    The wonders of kale!

    It’s great when you rustle up a delicious meal from cheap and easy ingredients. Kale is one of those ingredients that costs very little but can really enrich a soup, salad, stir fry or stew. Plus this green leafy vegetable from the Brassica family, is packed with vitamins and minerals that will boost your family’s health. It’s also a vegetable that is readily available during the darker months of winter – perfect for fending off cold weather infections. Psychiatrist and author of Fifty Shades of Kale, Drew Ramsey, has this to say about the wonder vegetable: “Nothing is sexier than a sharp mind atop a lean, healthy body. Few foods are able to deliver this promise like kale. She is the ideal plant in many ways: beautiful, versatile, nourishing, and downright delicious.” […] more

  • 26 Oct 2015

    Eight ways to celebrate Samhain

    Samhain (pronounced sow’ain) is the precursor to today’s Halloween, an ancient Celtic festival honouring the ancestors that came before us. It is believed that at this time of year the veil between this life and the Otherworld are at their thinnest, meaning that connection and communication with the dead is easier. To our modern ears, this may sound morbid – or downright scary – but Pagans respected death as a normal and natural part of our journey. The fact that Samhain became Halloween – a day for getting dressed up in our most frightening and ghoulish costumes – means we mostly forget to mark this time of year with a deep, intuitive respect for the cycles of life. […] more

  • 25 Oct 2015

    Three pumpkin recipes

    Nothing evokes Autumn quite like the taste of pumpkin. Once you’ve gouged out all the flesh to make grinning jack-o-lanterns, it’s sometimes hard to know what to do with it. If you have a glut, you could make it up into a puree and then freeze it as a tasty addition to soups and breads later in the year. Or you could try one of these pumpkin recipes for a nutritious Samhain feast. […] more

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