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  • 2 Sep 2013

    How to eat seasonally

    If you’ve been far more diligent in your garden than I have this year, it should now be bursting with produce. There have been many years when we’ve had a total glut of courgettes and tomatoes in late August, and we have marvelled at how those tiny seedlings we planted out became rapacious monsters heaving with fruit! When faced with a glut of anything, I always turn to my trusty Leith’s, which lives up to its bible title, in my opinion. […] more

  • 30 Aug 2013

    10 ways to make your garden a wildlife haven

    However big or small your garden is, there are plenty of changes you can make to ensure that it is an attractive location for all manner of wildlife. Simple things such as choosing wildlife friendly plants and leaving dead flower heads as food for birds in the winter can make a difference. Here are ten small things you can do today to create a garden positively humming with life: […] more

  • 13 Aug 2013

    Gardening: What is it good for?

    Recently, I took a break from my writing for a couple of weeks to enjoy the beautiful weather and to focus on my girls who have been through some significant developmental leaps recently. But, as a fairly typical type A personality I soon found myself immersed in yet another project. This time, however, it was a full family activity. Our lovely garden, that became hidden under an embarrassingly large collection of weeds when I became too large and lethargic to even consider touching them in my last pregnancy, has kept us busy for almost 3 weeks now. […] more

  • 13 Aug 2013

    Ten garden camp out ideas

    With rules and regulations, campsites can be strict. There are some that allow camping fires, but these are few and far between and often get booked up during the busy summer months. One simple and fun way to enjoy camping on your own terms is to start in your very own garden! Kids will love the novelty of a camping night, and it is a lovely opportunity to have some ‘connected’ time together as a family without the distractions of television or video games. Here are some ideas to make your garden camping night one to remember... […] more

  • 30 Jul 2013

    Grow a Love Garden

    I wish I was one of those green-fingered people who are permanently itching to sink their fingers in to the soil, who walk past weak looking plants and want to immediately transplant them, who take cuttings and know the names of shrubs and flowers. Truth is, I’m not. I want to be, but more often than not, my garden looks more on the wild side (read: neglected). But when I really get stuck into tending to it, I feel good. I get into the swing of weeding and planting, and enjoy all the fruits of my labour as they grow. […] more

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