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  • 20 Dec 2013

    The 18 Month Sleep Regression

    Just over a week ago, I found myself pondering how different life was with a toddler and young child to how it had been the previous year with a baby and toddler. I adore being a mother and immerse myself fully into each day with them, but I have to admit to enjoying exploring my own interests once night falls. From writing to crafting or wasting hours of my life on endless articles with titles like “10 reasons why a zombie apocalypse would never happen” or “15 hilarious texts sent to the wrong number” I think a bit of “me-time” gives me the head space to be a good and present mother during the daytimes. […] more

  • 16 Dec 2013

    Surviving The December Madness

    For the first time in my four years as a mother, something rather odd has occurred to me. December, rather than being the most amazing and totally positive month of the year, is actually rather stressful. OK, so we’ve got a lot on just now with house moves and birthdays but December in itself seems to throw people’s daily routines out of whack and, unsurprisingly, the littlest family members feel that stress too. […] more

  • 14 Dec 2013

    9 Crazy Christmas Party Games

    What better way to get motivated after a big Christmas lunch and help the little ones burn up some of their exuberant energy than with a few Christmas party games? We have selected and made up nine fun and sometimes energetic party games to ensure laughter will be ringing out well into the evening. Have fun! […] more

  • 11 Dec 2013

    Who or what is Santa?

    It’s no secret that I’m a big Santa fan. I enjoy every single second of the jolly old St. Nick tradition just as much as my children do. From excitedly sharing stories about him all through December (and well into January) to laying out mince pies and milk in anticipation on the eve of his annual visit, I adore Santa and everything that he stands for. But... what is that exactly? Santa-refusniks, look away now... it’s about to get really real in here. […] more

  • 30 Nov 2013

    Giving What We Can

    Christmas is a time for giving. Not just giving presents, but sharing the season's goodwill on a global scale. And yet, when we've spent a whole heap of money on gifts for all the family, it can feel like there's not much left to share around. Especially if we don't want the bank manager breathing down our necks come January. The organisation Giving What We Can sees things differently. As citizens of the richest countries in the world, they believe we can to do our bit to end world poverty by pledging to donate 10% of our income, now until retirement. So giving is for life, not just for Christmas. […] more

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