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  • 27 Mar 2014

    Wear your onesie for World Autism Awareness Day

    2nd April marks World Autism Awareness Day (WAAD), a day of showing your support for those with autism and their families, raising awareness and challenging misconceptions of the condition. Having a clear idea about what autism is and how it affects families is important if we are able to support those with autism in our communities. The National Autistic Society (NAS) has a helpful description on their website: […] more

  • 26 Mar 2014

    5 ways to empower your child

    The ban-bossy campaign has made headlines in recent weeks with its efforts to empower young girls and guide them toward leadership and other roles it is suggested that they are shying away from. The campaign, spearheaded by facebook executive Sheryl Sandberg and co-founded by the Girl Scouts, has attracted celebrity endorsement from the likes of Beyoncé and Condoleeza Rice. Whilst it has been met with mixed reactions, the campaign has highlighted an important issue – that parents play a vital role in the development of their child’s sense of self worth and empowerment. […] more

  • 26 Mar 2014

    The Online Dating Revolution

    I’m currently in the middle of planning a wedding. It was meant to be a small and simple affair, we had even toyed with the idea of showing up in jeans and trainers. It’s not the wedding we’re after, but the marriage. Somehow, though, it has quickly snowballed into a wedding with a dress and a reception. And I have 4 weeks to pull it off. What has any of this to do with online dating, you might ask? Well, the day we’re planning to get married will be exactly 6 years to the day that we very first “met” after falling in love online. […] more

  • 19 Mar 2014

    Tools for change

    Spring heralds a time of change. In the world around us, we see the wheel of the year continue on its cycle and enter a new phase and, whether we like it or not, we’re going along for the ride! Sometimes it can feel like we need just a few more winter weeks to really gather our thoughts and ideas before we bring them into the light. But spring comes leaping and bouncing into our lives with the energy of the lambs, and demands that we shake off the cobwebs and dance into the warmer, brighter days. […] more

  • 18 Mar 2014

    10 reasons to choose a TV-free life

    We’ve all heard the admonitions that screen-time is responsible for a huge proportion of society’s ills, from obesity to a lack of interest in the natural world. But our children live in the 21st century and inherent in that is the fact we live technology-based lives. If we limit our children’s screen time, are they missing out on the life their peers take for granted? Are we holding them back from cultural and social experiences? In terms of television, research seems to indicate the answer is no. […] more

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