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  • 13 Sep 2016

    Peaceful Parenting

    To celebrate International Day of Peace next week, here's why parenting peacefully is the most important first step in creating global peace. Despite its simplicity, “peace” as an enacted, everyday concept can be difficult to grasp. Associations with tranquillity and wellbeing, whilst entirely valid, run the risk of reducing peace to something passive. Perhaps for the politicians arguing over security policy, peace can be conveniently defined as the absence of war, but real peace, sustainable peace is much more than that. Kat Barton considers how we can bring more peace into our family lives and parent in ways that support our children to engage non-violently with the world? […] more

  • 5 Sep 2016

    Enter our writing competition

    To celebrate our new website launching next month we are running the first ever Green Parent writing competition. Feel inspired to put pen to paper to write about your parenting experiences? Want to share your passion for green issues with the world? We'd love to hear your stories and ideas. […] more

  • 2 Sep 2016

    50 of the best ideas for alternative learning

    Get inspired with our round up of the best alternative schools, educational days out, resources for home educators and more […] more

  • 8 Aug 2016

    The importance of play

    Play is described as the work of childhood so how can we encourage this natural exploration in our children? As parents, we ignore the importance of play at our peril. Neuroscientists have discovered that part of the brain is hardwired for play. Creative activity stimulates the frontal lobes of the brain so it is vital that we allow time and space for our children to play. […] more

  • 1 Aug 2016


    Andrea Mynard gets excited about allowing her daughter a free-range summer holiday. The sun is shining, the summer holidays are beckoning and l’m starting to daydream about children climbing trees, having picnics and camping out in the tree-house. Images of my own 1970s childhood flash into my mind: cycling off with friends to a nearby brook to find tadpoles that we attempted to bring home in jam-jars, making treasure maps and dens and generally running wild with the three children who lived next door. […] more

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