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6 Mar 2012

Celebrate Science Week

Science and Engineering Week takes place from 9-18th March. It may sound dry but there are hundreds of inspirational events taking place across the country to celebrate. Find out more such as how to become a polar explorer or build bridges with chocolate here.

The theme for 2012’s National Science & Engineering Week is “our world in motion” and there are fantastic participative activities going on up and down the country. This unique week takes place every March and aims to show how science, technology, engineering and maths relate to our everyday lives. And the next generation of scientists can get fired up with all the inspiring activities!
Last year’s NSEW showcased over 4,500 events and activities attended by 1.7 million people, and they hope that this year will be even better. You can get involved and celebrate all things scientific at one of the many events up and down the country. There are smaller events nationwide, plus some big science festivals, in Oxfordshire, Newcastle, Cambridge, Leeds and Bangor. With so much going on, you’re spoilt for choice!

17th and 18th March – Become a Polar Explorer, Dundee
Got a budding explorer who wants to know more about the Poles? Experience what life was like for a Polar explorer over 100 years ago. How did explorers like Captain Scott survive the harsh wilderness of Antarctica? Find out by dressing up like an old fashioned explorer; learn how the cold can affect your body and how explorers protected themselves from the freezing temperatures. At this fun family workshop, you’ll discover what the coldest ever recorded temperature was at the South Pole, compare materials and clothing used by today’s Polar explorers and scientists with those of Scott’s time and even get to taste some of the rations Scott and his men would have eaten!

10th March and 11th March – Waterways in Motion, Gloucester
Visit the Gloucester Waterways Museum and discover the science and engineering behind Gloucester’s waterways heritage. Explore how canals were built, test out different designs of boats and have a go at building and loading your own raft with cargo. Learn how pulleys helped to lighten the load for men working on the waterways. The museum’s steam crane and Fielding Engine will be in operation during the weekend and there’s a specially designed family trail.

17th March – Ocean and Earth Day, Southampton
Got a keen oceanographer eager to find out more about the world’s oceans? This exciting – and free – family day reveals the fascinating work of the National Oceanography Centre, an institution involved in oceanographic research from the coast to the deep ocean. This special day offers families the chance to find out more about the exciting and fascinating discoveries made by the NOC scientists, as well as take a look at how they go about it.

15th – 17th March – The Big Bang Fair, Birmingham
This free event is a great opportunity for kids to experience science, technology, engineering and maths up close in a fresh new way. Design a solar powered water heater. Build bridges with chocolate. Test your speed and strength, and learn about the science behind your body’s everyday, yet amazing, feats. Explore outer space with the Mars Rover. Learn about the forces behind rollercoasters. Discover how to save the world in 60 minutes. Find out about making movie magic with special effects. Enjoy live cookery demonstrations that show you how the food on your fork gets there. Meet robots, flying penguins and much, much more!

Lucy Corkhill is a freelance writer and hosts art and writing workshops from her windswept cliff-top home. She worked for many years as a therapist specialising in pregnancy, birth and the post-natal period. She lives with her husband, their two year old son, a dog, three cats and loads of spiders.

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