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9 Jan 2009

Take Action: Climate Change

Climate change is already affecting and will continue to affect the whole world; its land, water, and air. Not only is the physical environment affected, but also the health, jobs, economies, cultures and communities of the people living on our planet. So what can we do about it?

Firstly, what effect will climate change have?
Over time, it is expected that the amount of rainfall in Africa and the Middle East will continue to decline. This means less water for people to use for drinking, cleaning, and growing crops, in a region where water is already scarce. Low-lying countries and islands like the nations of Southeast Asia may be submerged as sea levels rise, displacing large populations. As weather patterns change around the world, people who depend on crops for their livelihood will find it increasingly difficult to get good yields. As climate change progresses it is impossible to say for sure where exactly will be affected. Millions of people could lose family members, homes, communities, and jobs due to climate change.

*What can we do? *
While we could never stop the natural cycles of warming and cooling in the climate happening we can reduce our own personal contribution. There are many things that you as an individual can do. These include:

- Be energy efficient in your choices. There are many energy efficient alternatives to every day items, whether it be a energy efficient light bulb, a more effective refrigerator, or a hybrid car, the smallest change will have a big impact on climate change.

- Use renewable sources of energy and make your home more energy efficient. There are often grants available and long-term savings to be made by switching to renewable sources of energy.

- Vote for the best candidate in local and national elections. Ask your local MP where they stand on climate change and what solutions they plan to implement in your area.

- Read about positive change others are making and action you can take to reduce your environmental impact in every issue of The Green Parent magazine.

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