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Blog / December 2009

  • Dec 14 2009

    Save money at Christmas

    Save money at Christmas

    Save money on green goodies this Christmas with our great money off voucher codes. Check out some of these special offers to lighten the load.

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    20% off organic products for family wellbeing at Pitta Patta – code: Greenparent
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    5% off a stay on an organic farm in West Wales – code: Green Parent

    15% off fairtrade, organic and handmade clothing for kids – code: GP10
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    10% off beautiful, unusual gifts – code: GP1201

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  • Dec 02 2009

    End of buy nothing month

    End of buy nothing month

    We completed our 30 days of non-consumerism on Monday night and how did we celebrate? By doing more of the same! Actually we are going to go out for dinner, just the four of us as a treat. Jez and I are so excited about eating a meal that doesn’t come with a mountain of washing up attached. The girls are excited about dessert. We’ve just had a month without eating sugar though so I am not sure that I want to reintroduce it now.

    An older friend at yoga said that it was sad that children these days get deprived of things, like sweets and treats by well-meaning parents. I understand her perspective on it and also feel that there are a few foodstuffs out there that are addictive and can cause ill-health, dramatic mood swings and possibly the need for medication etc. later in life. I don’t want that for my children, but I don’t want them growing up with a sense of lack or unfulfilled desires either. Juries still out on this one for me but for the time being I’m sticking to my ‘no junk’ in the house rule with an eat-what-you-choose outside and an awareness that I need to be available when blood sugar levels go awry.

    We freed up quite a bit of space at home and I became slightly more organised over the month with a daily to-do list and meal planners that have revolutionised my life, in a small, but not insignificant way. It feels like I have more space mentally, which is useful as we are already headlong into the next edition of the magazine, putting it all together, writing articles, sourcing stories etc. And I’ve started a yoga course with the British Wheel of Yoga, which is giving me much joy.

    Now just wondering whether a Buy Nothing Christmas could be achieved at some point…

    Posted by Melissa Corkhill at 09:31 | Comments

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