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Blog / January 2010

  • Jan 26 2010

    It’s Showtime

    It’s Showtime

    Well not quite yet, but on Sunday 27th June this year The Green Parent magazine will be heading down to the South coast to head up the Eco-Zone at the Baby Expo Brighton. The event promises to be a great opportunity for parents and parents-to-be to get expert advice on the benefits of using natural, ethical and organic products for babies and children. Joining us in the Eco-Zone are B-organic, Green People, Baby Beehinds Europe, Green Me, Purepaint, DaisychainBaby, Naturebotts and Arbonne . We’ll be there to support the ‘green corner’ by giving advice and information on why making these choices is the best start for your family and the planet. There will also be competitions and offers for anyone visiting our stand. There of course is loads more to the show, including breast-feeding advisors, baby sleep experts, organic baby food, parenting seminars, fantastic children’s entertainment and the chance to shop for all your pregnancy, baby and toddler needs…plus it’s all FREE!

    There is still space for any ethical companies wanting to join us in the Eco-Zone, just contact us and we’ll let you know how to be part of the show. Look forward to seeing you there.

    Posted by Jez Harris at 16:08 | Comments

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  • Jan 15 2010

    New moon ritual

    New moon ritual

    I want to get back to writing about lunar phases again as I find the moon so influential in how I feel and what I am capable of.

    The New Moon in Capricorn on 15th January was really intense for a lot of us. It is the second darkest moon of the year (the first being on 5th Dec 2010). We are in a period of darkness anyway, in the depths of winter, a time for reflection and planning. A new moon at this time, really brings us face to face with our shadow side and our deepest needs and desires. For some of us this has manifested as sadness and a feeling not unlike despair. If we can learn to sit with these feelings we can reach a place of acceptance and this is the catalyst to change and growth.

    Each new moon signifies rebirth, new starts and the beginning of another cycle. The qualities that Capricorn brings to this moon phase are determination, ambition and discipline. This is an even better time than usual to start planning a new project or a change of direction in your life.

    SET THE SCENE Choose appropriately coloured candles, flowers and altar cloth. Capricorn represents earthy colours such as yellow, brown and greens.

    A round table is ideal for this ritual as it expresses the circular shape of the moon but you can, of course, use any table or the floor, if it works better for you. Place a glass full of water in the West, a coloured candle in the South, a dish with earth in it in the North, and incense or a smudge stick in the East. Any crystals, statues or other altar items that you are working with go in the centre.

    Starting in the East light your incense or smudge stick. Use the smoke to purify yourself – slowly move the stick up and down and around your body. Ask the East to clear your mind. Move to the South, lighting the candle. Request that the spirit of the South awakens your childlike essence of play and adventure. Move on to the West, dip your fingers in the water and anoint your face (and body if you wish). Ask the West to help you in healing wounds from the past and letting go of emotional upset. Move to the North and take some of the earth in your hand. Ask the North to ground you.

    You have created sacred space now. Sit and give thanks to your chosen deities – Gods and Goddesses, power animals, angels etc. Then state your intention for this New Moon, and ask for blessings and support.

    Be still and silent. Breathe deeply and await any messages that may come through. Be aware that messages may come at any time over the next month.

    Give thanks to all beings who helped, give thanks to each direction in turn, and proclaim the circle closed. Blow out the candle and await the gifts.

    How did the new moon affect you? Post your observations here and I’ll be back with more lunar info soon.

    Posted by Melissa Corkhill at 09:59 | Comments

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