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Blog / March 2010

  • Mar 25 2010

    The ‘In’ Box

    The ‘In’ Box

    When our jolly postman rocks up to the house every day he’s usually clutching a large collection of jiffy bags, letters and boxes all held together with an elastic band which looks like its about to snap under the strain. Myself and the girls are the first to arrive on the scene, eagerly sifting through the contents trying to find something with our name on it. More often than not we find they are labelled ‘Melissa, Editor, The Green Parent’ (sigh :-( ). However today was different (hoorah :-D). The first package was a rather cute new book called Know Your Rodent... I know what you’re thinking ‘how can rodents be cute?’; well with a little help from illustrator Thiabaud Herem and some choice words from Ziggy Hanaor I’ve really warmed to these small furry sharp toothed mammals. And I’ve learnt lots too. For instance, I found out that rodents play an important role in many eco-systems; providing a food-source for predators, dispersing the seeds that they eat, and often aerating the soil with their burrows. Unfortunately, like other animals it was sad to read that many rodents are threatened by global warming and the destruction of their natural habitat so it makes it a timely book to bring us closer to these animals who are usually associated with disease and destruction. This fascinating little guide to over 20 species shows them at their cutest and I shall probably look at the rat down the bottom of the garden in a new light……probably.

    Before I could open my second bit of mail, my email pinged a message from TGP’s very own illustrator Sandra Howgate. Any of you who have read the magazine will be familiar with Sandra’s quirky cool drawings which accompany our regular columnists. She complements the magazine style perfectly and her attention to detail always makes me smile. Sandra is on the lookout for new projects to get involved in at the moment so if you know or hear of anyone who is starting up a new company, or needs something illustration-wise, please contact her here and she is sure to add a real sparkle to any packaging, promotion or p… sorry Sandra I can’t think of anything else beginning with ‘p’.

    So last up, the ‘bizarre’ item. We used to feature the odd CD in the magazine and we still get sent them occasionally. Today I opened my second bit of mail to reveal the hilariously sub-titled – The Sounds of Baby: An ensemble of baby noises to prepare your family pet for baby’s arrival. Just when you think everything has been covered, along comes a product to fill the gap you didn’t know existed. On the back it says that track one features: “Adorable baby sounds and subtle toy noises designed to intrigue your four legged companion.” (I wish I had a smiley for uncontrollable laughter :-D). Now there may very well be people out there who think that this CD is a very good idea, so the first person to make a comment on this blog entry requesting it, can have it with my blessings. Incidently by the time you get to track three you will be hearing “challenging baby sounds aimed to increase your pet’s tolerance and acceptance of baby.”

    Signing off

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