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Blog / July 2010

  • Jul 15 2010

    Raw Pregnancy

    Raw Pregnancy

    I was speaking with Fiona at the other day and she was telling me about an exciting month that they have planned from next Monday – a celebration of pregnancy and a chance to sign up for daily nuggets of wisdom from raw mummies. Here’s what she has to say about it:

    “From Monday 19 July it’s pregnancy month on We’ve all heard wives’ tales and been passed stories from grandmothers, mothers, sisters and friends, but as life evolves so does our understanding of what to do to ensure a healthy pregnancy. It has been proven without a shadow of a doubt that the quality of life in the womb determines the quality of life for the baby throughout its life. That’s why at we’ve decided to devote the entire month to discussing this topic and answering the hundreds of questions we receive from the hearts of mothers around the world.

    At we receive hundreds of emails from women around the world at different stages of their pregnancy seeking advice and support for healthy living. Through daily blog posts, interviews and our daily quick tips called, “Wisdom Nuggets” we will answer some of the hundreds of questions we receive about pregnancy, nutrition, care, support, batural birthing, nursing and more. All this is preparation for the November release of Raw Mom, Joanna Steven’s book on natural pregnancy.

    Through Raw Mom Karen Ranzi’s new book Creating Healthy Children, she offers readers vast knowledge of nutrition, child care and healthy parenting that comes from years of experience as a mother and counselor. An interview with doula, Cindy Hansen, we’ll discuss natural birth, pregnancy plans and other invaluable tips and advice. The daily wisdom nuggets will be crammed with the best tips and support we have to offer our raw moms.

    If you know anyone who is expecting a brand new bundle of love, make sure you let them know about Raw Mom Pregnancy Month and sign up for our “wisdom nuggets” to receive all this FREE information, support and inspiration for healthy living.

    “”: is the world’s leading resource for multitasking mamas looking to learn more about healthy living and the raw food diet.

    And if you are looking for inspiration for connecting with your growing bump check out this beautiful article from Lucy Corkhill.

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