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Blog / September 2010

  • Sep 28 2010

    New Magazine

    New Magazine

    Our latest baby is just about to go out into the big wide world. We have just completed the first edition of a new magazine called Green Events that Jez and I have been working on. It’s like an ethical Time Out magazine and it’s available from health food stores etc free from this week.

    It was surprising how much fun iut was to work on something completely new and different and I’m so pleased with the way it has turned out. We got our copies yesterday and it’s colourful, vibrant and stuffed full of juicy events taking place in London and the South. From yoga workshops to drum jams, theosophical discussions to straw bale building workshops, if it’s green and happening it’s in there. Pick up a copy from your local health food store, bookshop or wellbeing clinic and let us know what you think. Alternatively, if there is somewhere that you think out to stock such a brilliant sounding magazine, drop us a line and we’ll sort them out with some copies. You can also download a copy here (2mb PDF)

    So now it’s on to the next edition of The Green Parent, which I am so excited about. We’ve got some really juicy topics in the issue that is published in November. There’s an article on welcoming spirit into family life through rituals and traditions, a piece on celebrating our daughters’ first period, what to expect from a craft camp, how to make your own bear and why our children’s generation will be known as Generation Hot. Copies will be available from the second week in November. Or you can subscribe and get it sent to you before it arrives in the shops, and receive over £35 worth of organic beauty products as well.

    We have settled back into our family routine of working together in the mornings and getting out exploring and doing extra curricular activities in the afternoon. So, as soon as the girls have finished their workboxes for this morning we’re off to read a chapter of The Phoenix and the Carpet and then go foraging in the woods. We could probably all do with a snooze as well – the transition into Autumn has made us all quite sleepy!

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  • Sep 28 2010

    Freebies and offers!

    Freebies and offers!

    Free Sample of award winning Calendula baby products from
    £35 worth of free products from Dr. Wendy’s when you subscribe to The Green Parent magazine this month.
    Try Soothing Baby Salve for just £5 – Code: ORGANIC (normal price £9.50)
    25% off organic skincare by Organic at Heart for mum and baby in Waitrose stores until 12th Oct
    20% off organic and natural skincare until 31st Oct – Code: GP08
    15% off organic oils for mother and baby – Code: green2010
    15% off heavenely skincare gifts and gluten-free playdough – Code: GP37
    5% off eco menstrual products from mooncups to washable pads – Code: Green

    10% off beautiful fabric playhouses – Code GP10
    10% off traditional wooden toys – Code: GP10
    10% off inspiring natural art materials for children – Code: GP10
    10% off healthy products and toys for baby – Code: GREENXMAS

    15% off wool clothing for babies – Code: GreenParent09
    15% off ethical sneakers – Code: GreenParent
    15% off luxury ethical knitwear for children and adults – Code: GP1011
    10% off natural warm woollen clothing for children – code: happiness – the picture shows the merino wool jumper at £23.99 (discounted price: £21.60)
    10% discount off beautiful organic clothing for children – Code: greenparent
    10% off organic personalised clothing – Code: MINE10

    20% off an organic cotton sling – Code: GPC08
    10% off a wrap or carrier – Code: BLOSSOM
    FREE child doll’s wrap with every wrap purchase from the Moby and Beco range – code: moby-gift or beco-gift

    10% off natural baby gifts – Code: GREENPARENT
    10% off unique fairtrade silver jewellery – Code: GPM10

    10% off organic bedding – Code: GPOFFER2
    10% off organic sleeping bags and more for natural babies – Code: GPARENT
    FREE natural mattress guide – 0800 7565 199.

    10% off real nappies, eco friendly baby and pregnancy care – Code: GPA14
    10% off real nappies and accessories – Code: GPM10
    10% off cloth nappies from people who understand them – Code: GREENPARENT
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    5% off award winning user friendly cloth nappies – Code: GP02
    FREE Organic moisturiser when you spend £100 on nappies – Code: Green Parent

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