Create Space for Breastfeeding

THERE ARE MANY REASONS WHY A WOMAN would need to express. It could be for a social occasion or appointment, because she's returning to work, or for some women they have to express every feed due to inverted nipples or a baby with a cleft palate. I'm not writing this article as a breastfeeding expert, although I think feeding four of my own, including twins, and expressing for my surrogate baby gives me the title of Novice Expert! One ideal scenario would be a warm comfy sofa, big cosy blanket, warm drink, restful background music, pillows to adjust for your own support, and privacy. Let's just say you have none of these, and you don't even have a baby to look at, how can you help yourself? World Breastfeeding Week is 1-7 Aug. To celebrate Jay Kelly offers support

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