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The Green Parent

By The Green Parent

10th July 2017

Find the best for your family. Here are the winning products in the Baby and Child section of our Natural Beauty Awards 2017.

The Green Parent

By The Green Parent

10th July 2017

The Green Parent

By The Green Parent

10th July 2017

Baby & Child

Baby Balm

GOLD Organic Baby Balm, £11, “A really luxurious balm in a beautiful pot. It hydrates skin well and works on myself and my baby.” Petra R

SILVER Earth Conscious Natural Baby Balm, £6,

BRONZE Organic Soothing Skin Salve, £12.99,

Baby Oil

GOLD Motherlylove Soothing Massage Oil, £10.95, “The oil is very light and applies smoothly. It has a strong fragrance and leaves a tingly sensation on the skin. It also feels refreshing. It must be a treat for pregnant ladies with swollen feet.” Monica U

SILVER TIANA FairTrade Organics Pure Virgin Coconut Oil for Dry Skin, £7.99,

BRONZE Sophie La Girafe Baby Oil, £14.99,

Baby Lotion/Cream

GOLD Sophie La Girafe Baby Face Cream, £11.99, “This is a smooth soft silky cream that applies nicely on the baby’s face. My daughter seemed to enjoy trying it. It does leave the skin very soft.” Monica U

SILVER Baby Soft Lotion, £6.50,

BRONZE Loving Mother & Baby Cream, £18,

Baby & Child

Nappy Cream

GOLD Botty Balm, £10.50, “This was a thick balm that wasn’t fragranced (as it shouldn’t be). It applied well & helped clear up some redness on my son’s bottom.” Gabrielle G

SILVER Calendula & Lavender Nappy Balm, £9,

BRONZE Baby Bottom Balm, £12,

Bubble Bath

GOLD Bubble Bath, £5.49, “Clear, fresh smelling. Skin felt soft and clean after use. Kids loved the fresh smell. I like the fact that had vegan approval and had leaping bunny stamp - not all companies have these.” Laura L

SILVER Green Apple Bubble Bath, £4.95,

BRONZE Super Bubbly Bubble Bath with Dragon Fruit Extract, £3.99,

Children’s Shampoo

GOLD Storksak Organics Baby Wash & Shampoo, £7.95, “This is a body and hair wash which has a lovely fragrance. It can be used directly on skin and hair or under running water as a bubble bath. I like the versatility of the product and it produces a good amount of bubbles when used under running water (very suitable for toddlers). It is thick enough to feel expensive but has a good price tag. I would definitely recommend this product” Claire G

SILVER Calendula Shampoo & Body Wash, £7.50, BRONZE Foam Shampoo for Newborns, £7.95,


  1. Humphrey’s Corner Relaxing Lavender Shampoo, £3.99,
  2. Newborn Bubble Bath, £5.95,
  3. Vitamin Barrier Cream, £6.95,
  4. Soapnut Healing Salve Fragrance Free, £8.50,
  5. Sweet Dreams Cream, £8.99,
  6. Baby & Kids Soothing Body Balm, £11.95,
  7. Soothing Nappy Balm, £14.95,
  8. Bubbles in the Breeze Top to Toe Wash, £19.50,
  9. Baby Care Cream, £10,
  10. ecoprincess citrus shampoo & bodywash, £11.99,

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