By Kate Hodges

28th June 2017

Whether you're headed to a festival, camping in the UK, or travelling further afield, here are our pick of this summer's products to make your time under canvas easier, more luxurious and more fun!

By Kate Hodges

28th June 2017

By Kate Hodges

28th June 2017

Bell Tent UK

Bell tents feel luxurious and cosy, look wonderful, and are a doddle to put up. Bell Tent UK pioneered selling the classic canvas campers, blending vintage looks with modern technology to ensure their homes-from-home are lightweight, fully waterproof and able to stand up to the stormiest storms and the hardest playing families. Find bells, tipis, Scout-style patrol tents and more, plus a tempting range of accessories; glamorous lighting, wood-fired stoves and comfy beds. Just add kids, sleeping bags and a huge pile of marshmallows.

Brolly Sheets

Wet beds are no fun at the best of times, and even less so when you’re under canvas. Brolly Sheets are a no-fuss, practical way to keep beds dry, whether you’re at home or on holiday. Easy to whip off in the middle of the night, they protect mattresses, are soft to the touch, and come in a range of pretty colours. Designed to tuck on top of a bed, they are breathable, non-sweaty and each can absorb up to two litres of liquid. Keep your tent dry and holidays fun.


Camping is no fun if you’re bitten to bits by insects, but much of the repellent on the market is full of nasties. Incognito’s range of award-winning, family friendly sprays, roll-ons and travel cosmetics are kind to the environment as well as sensitive skin. Tested in the Amazon, the active ingredient is biodegradable, and doesn’t get absorbed into your body. We’re fans of their moisturiser and sunscreen, both of which double duty in a practical, space-saving manner.

The Ethical Shop

About to head out on a camping trip? Take a quick virtual supermarket sweep of The Ethical Shop before you go for essentials and luxurious extras to make your holiday that little bit more fun. Their parachute hammock is fun to chill out in on long summer afternoons, their storm kettle turns making a cuppa into an adventure, and their solar-and-wind-up-powered radio means that even if you’ve sworn off screens for the duration of your trip, should you really have to, you can keep up with the news.


Light your way back to your tent at night, or provide a warm glow for evening storytellings with Ecotopia’s range of solar-powered lights. Charge them during the day by harnessing the power of the sun, then use that power during the evening. We love the sun jars - grab a few and make a glowing circle around your tent. Super cosy!

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