By The Green Parent

11th December 2020

This week is we’ve been making little Christmas trees. These are easy to do for all ages, great sensory play for younger children with focus on detailing for the older ones.

By The Green Parent

11th December 2020

By The Green Parent

11th December 2020

*What you will need:*

• Paints in Christmas tree green and white (natural, home made for young children likely to eat it!)

• Open Pinecones

• Miniature doll house plant pots or cork

• Glitter

• PVA glue or glue gun

• 1 bowl

• 1 tray


• Fill the bowl full of green paint and mix through some glitter.

• Dip each of your pinecones in the paint then stand upright on a a piece of newspaper and leave to dry.

• When dry remove pinecones and pour a thin layer of white paint over a tray and roll each pinecone through the paint. This will coat the edges like a dusting of snow. Stand upright on a piece of newspaper and allow to dry.

• When dry, line the edge of your miniature plantpot with PVA glue and press your pinecone firmly into place and leave to dry. If you are using cork, you will need to use a glue gun.

• Leave to dry, then decorate your home with these cute little trees.

• Optional extras: Cork users can paint them dark brown for a nice stump effect. You can also glue little wooden beads and buttons to your pinecone for a really jazzy effect.

*Handy hint:* eBay is always very cost effective for more interesting/out there craft supplies and creative additions.

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