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Melissa Corkhill

By Melissa Corkhill

08th July 2020

Whether you’re just starting your journey to plastic-free living or almost there, extra waste-cutting ideas are always useful. We asked you for your top tips for cutting out packaging this plastic free July

Melissa Corkhill

By Melissa Corkhill

08th July 2020

Melissa Corkhill

By Melissa Corkhill

08th July 2020

Green parent staff tips:

✽ Swap your disposable razors for a safety razor. Unisex, waste-saving and you’ll get a super-close shave. Need more bonuses? They’re easy to master and great for sensitive skin. Try the Mutiny Double Edge at £12 from

✽ Pop corn for lunch boxes rather than relying on crisps in plastic packets.

✽ Invest in a longlasting cotton tent.

✽ Take a stainless steel container for take-away food. Ask your favourite curry house if they’ll fill your pots rather than use one-use plastic pots.

✽ Try making your own bread.

✽ Out picnicking? Why not carry your own knife and fork? Use clip-together camping versions to make things even easier.

✽ Make your own reusable bags from T shirts (find out how at!

✽ Ordering online? Request plastic-free packaging. Even if the company can’t (or won’t) comply, if they see the demand is out there, they may reconsider.

✽ Did you know that nearly all chewing gums contain plastics? Substitute yours for Simply Gum, which is biodegradable, comes in flavours including natural ginger, maple and mint, and is available at Iceland.

✽ Clean out your jars and storage boxes and track down your nearest packaging-free or refill shop – they’re springing up all over the country.

✽ Use cloth hankies. They’re so much softer on little noses too.

✽ Use rags made from clothing and old towels to clean and dust your house, rather than synthetic scrubbers and sponges.

✽ Swap plastic lunch boxes for cloth bags or stainless steel containers.

✽ Make a fun forage part of your weekly routine.

✽ Buy second-hand when you can – charity shops, boot fairs or eBay – or organise toy or clothing swap meets with friends.

✽ Use a refillable fountain pen.


Alison Baker “Keep some cloth bags in the car boot so if you’re passing or discover a new plastic-free shop to stock up on dry ingredients then you can! If you’re really organised, stash a pencil and some paper with them to make drop-in labels.”

“Store your shopping list on your phone so it’s you can stock up when you’re out and about rather than feeling you can’t do the shop until you have a full list which usually leads to a supermarket and more packaging.”

urban_ naturopathy “We are a family of 5, and buy in bulk – items that we know we are going to need repeatedly such as washing up liquid, porridge oats and laundry liquid. I’ve even bought honey in 10kg containers before!”

jdnurse “Go to pick-your-own for fruit and veg. And use citric acid for cleaning.”

outdoors_girl “My best money saving and plastic free tip is to grow salad leaves and herbs in pots, on the windowsill in the winter or outside in summer. We rarely buy salad and never have waste as we cut it when needed.”