By Kate Hodges

07th March 2017

The Food Assembly connects people to their local farmers and foodmakers. Why not start your own?

By Kate Hodges

07th March 2017

By Kate Hodges

07th March 2017

The Food Assembly connects people to their local farmers and food-makers. Each Food Assembly is run by a local organiser, who brings fresh, local produce to their community.

There are 70 Food Assemblies in the UK, bringing fresh food from local producers to over 25,000 people!

Two mums, Pia McGee and Lindsay Downes, were both looking for a meaningful part-time project in their town of Frome, Somerset. Frustrated about the lack of fresh local food available nearby, both decided to start a Food Assembly in their area. The Food Assembly provides the tools for anyone to start their own online farmers’ market.

“It is something I do in my own time with a baby that also gives me something beyond babies to talk about, with some adult conversation!” says Pia.

After visiting lots of local food producers in the area, they discovered they could create a core product range that was just as good as any supermarket.

Now Frome Food Assembly has 2,000 members buying directly from 26 food producers weekly. Customers order the food from their online shop and then pick it up at a local friendly venue.

“I feel as if I am doing something worthwhile – and for me – making me a happier, more fulfilled mum,” says Pia. “The visit to a goat farm was a particular high point for my daughter and there is no doubt that we are eating sustainable produce.”

Pia and Lindsay try to avoid supermarkets and shop at them only for the bare essentials. They want to pay a fair price for their food – one that is good for British farmers and the environment.

As the food is ordered online, there is no food waste for the farmers because they know how much to bring in advance.

People start Food Assemblies for different reasons: to bring fresh produce to their family, friends and community; to enjoy starting a project from scratch; and to bring back the joy of eating food and knowing where it comes from.

Why not join them? Register your details here.

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