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I am mummy to Eilidh who is nine and Andrew who is six Married to Fraser who currently works as a researcher at Dundee University. I recently started working full time after ten years of part time working work. I am a social worker working as a dementia practitioner supporting people with a new diagnosis and while I enjoy my job a lot my most favourite thing is being with my children and hubby and having lots of fun playing, making things, exploring and getting out in nature. We also have a dog called Ben, cat called Ollie, three ponies (tuppence, ha’penny and Rosie), hens, a giant African snail called Charlie and a hamster called Gordon! We are trying to live more environmentally friendly and aware and raise Eilidh and Andrew to be in tune with the natural world around them. I have recently learned the joy of yoga and although I am currently only able to manage one class week I still feel the benefits from it. I have not as recently learned the joy of meditation and Buddhist practice and while I am reluctant to call myself Buddhist I have made several visits to a beautiful nuns hermitage in Perthshire as well as staying at a monastery in Northumberland. The peace the practice brings is very grounding. ????


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