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Being as open and free as possible and giving anything a go at least once!

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I live with my partner, Mark, and my daughter, Tansy who is nine months old. We also have Jack, his son, at weekends. We live in London and manage to grow some veg in a box made from railway sleepers in the garden and love making things at home on wet windy days. We go out in Greenwich, Blackheath and to the coast as much as possible when the weather’s clement and love a nature-table item! We are Steiner educating our daughter and include as many of those principles with the other little rogue as we can.

Art is the most important thing in our house and being an actress, I encourage it left, right and centre! We cook, write, draw, paint, make, sing and dance as often as circumstances allow and though we’re far from perfect, we muddle along relatively happily.

I have a history of depression and mental health issues including depression and PND are a major interest as they are too often cloaked in shame therefore leaving people to suffer in silence. I would like to hear from anyone affected by these issues and open up a dialogue with anyone who needs it.


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