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Hello there - my little girl has very bad thickened skin on her scalp (yellowish colour and white flakes) which itches her a lot and she scratches it really hard (especially at night). 

It started off (at around 9 months, which coincided with her teeth erupting)) when she used to sleep on a fleece blanket which seemed to catch the back of her head at night and then ended up pulling little bits of skin off which just got worse and worse, now she has 2 patches about the size of a 50 pence coin, if not bigger.  They do look red and sore and flaky and the broken skin does weep.  She does also have flaky broken and itchy red skin behind one of her ears too.

She has a few very very small patches or raised red skin on her body, but these tend to quickly clear up (or at least not itch or get worse).

She is breastfed and I have only introduced small amounts of wheat and dairy in the last few weeks (as she has been wheat and dairy free for around 11 months).  We do use ecover non bio liquid (which I can change).

I've tried Aveeno cream (on prescriptions from the Health Visitor) and an organic moisturising cream, but these don't really help.

A friend has recommended a seaweed treatment (expenisve though!).

Anyone with any ideas on treatment / creams / or anything would be fantastic.  I don't want to end up with horrible creams from the doctor…!!

Mama to two big bundles of Love aged 10 years old and 7 years old.

Weleda Calendula baby oil rubbed gently onto the patches on the scalp and left overnight and then brush gently with a soft baby brush and the flakes will flake off.  Then wash and rinse well with a baby shampoo.  Also I found that using Weleda Calendula conditioner after shampooing keeps her scalp clear - or Green People children's Lavender shampoo and conditioner.  Another thing that works on the scalp is Green People baby salve just rubbed on in tiny amounts during the day.  For the eczema on the body I find Weleda baby body cream or the Green People top to toe lotion good.  My DD is eczema prone and I keep her free of it with these.  One big no no for my DD is bath liquids of any kind so I just use Weleda baby soap or Earth Friendly baby lavender bar.


did your daughter have a wheat or a gluten problem?
the reason i ask is that i used to make a bath for myself with a handful of oats in a muslin to cure my psoriasis - and its supposed to be good for eczema and other skin complaints too. but oats contain gluten. also, a camomile teabag in with the bath water can be a soothing treat for her, without being irritating, especially if a drop or two of lavender is added.

rescue remedy cream also helped my daughters scalp - she is 2 1/2 and still has the yellow and white flakes in patches on her head, but as it doesnt itch her, we tend to leave it alone. and a basic vitamin e oil.

Green people baby soap lavender or camomile and Green people lavender baby lotion.

Dd has very dry skin and this works great it sounds as if she also had similar patches on her head as your daughter, hers was the top of the neck just above the hair line and she was born with a 'stork' mark there which seem to get red, itchy and flakey we tried chickweed and calendular but found the green people work best for her.

Hope you find something that helps.

Thanks so much for the tips, and question (she was on a gluten and dairy free diet, just because I felt it better to avoid potential allergens for the first year, although she has shown no signs of being allergic to any of them, and, like your daughter, oats didn't seem to help her either).

I have ordered all the green people products and I hope to get them in the post soon.
It looks like it is Seborrhoeic Eczema (Cradle Crap) all the symptoms sound exactly the same.

Thanks so much for taking time to answer!!

Mama to two big bundles of Love aged 10 years old and 7 years old.

All of my daughters were born with cradle cap and two of them had it especially bad.  Just so you know that you may always have to keep an eye on it as my 5 year old and 7 year old still get patches again on occasion! 

Cradle cap is actually a  form of eczema called Sebborrhoeic Eczema. It normally starts to clear up on its own from 1 years of age onwards. Although my daughter had it up until she was 2.

I used to rub olive oil on to her scalp to nourish it, so my poor daughter often had awful greasy patches of hair but it stopped her itching it!

[quote author=Tarnee link=topic=1011.msg15422#msg15422 date=1209668636

I used to rub olive oil on to her scalp to nourish it, so my poor daughter often had awful greasy patches of hair but it stopped her itching it!

This is what I have just done this afternoon - although with an 18 month old who thinks she can do somersaults but is in fact just on all fours, bum in the air and head all over the floor/sofa I might have to do it at night time and wash off in the morning so we don't have oil stains everywhere  wink  However, even with just one application and wash there has already been a vast improvement.

Whatever you do, do not pick at the scabs.  DS2 has bald patches due to his very heavy cradle cap as a toddler.  He still has it (but milder) and is 6 years old, but the bald patches I think will be with him for life :(

I think it might have been down to well-meaning grandparents who would have a "pick" at his head.  However, he would also have a go when it irritated him.

i am a lover of weleda bum cram at the moment and it seems to sort out a whole variety of skin issues in our house !!!!!!!

Failing that if you have ever watched my big fat greek wedding film, windex may do it !!!!!!!! If you have not seen it hire it, it is really good for some laughter therap  !!!

when life gives you a rainy day play in the puddles !!!
mum to 4 sons 13,7,4 and 2
a daughter 8 years ,
and always in my heart my angel xx

Hi all,

I used Therapeutics eczema & psoriasis cream for my children's skin which is a very effective chemical free range. It is important to make sure though you are using a chemical free shampoo or bubble bath as this will not help any dry patches etc.

Lucyrose Organic Skincare & Natural Cosmetics
Free P&P on all UK orders.

Full Range Stockists of Lavera, Inika, Nvey Eco, John Masters, Green People, Spiezia, Elysambre, Dr Bronner’s and more.

Olive oil isn't actually recommended for cradle cap, coconut oil is though. It's important to wash with a mild, chemical free shampoo and then moisturise and soothe with something suitable. I use African Black Soap to wash and then rub in virgin organic coconut oil.

After using foderma serum with in two weeks, my daughters scabs completely disappeared and she doesn’t scratch herself no more. She has eczema all over from head to toe. Glad I found foderma serum. I usually use aveeno but the eczema kept coming back. That’s when I made the switch to foderma eczema serum.

My son was 9 months old and suffering from atopic dermatitis. I won’t even go through the treatments we tried, it took me a while to realize that the treatment was useless if the cause of the problem was still there.

Thankfully my husband wanted to install a water softener because we had all that limescale scum in the bathroom (those white spots on the faucets or shower walls).
We didn’t realize at the time what a difference it would make to our skin, but most importantly to John’s (our son)
In 2 months since installing the softener to our home, our baby was rid of the eczema, my skin was no longer dry, hair was softer… and not to mention it made cleaning the bathroom and kitchen a lot easier since there’s no more limescale build ups.

Hard water is linked to risk of eczema in infants ( you can see the study here: May/Hard-water-linked-to-risk-of-eczema-in-infants.aspx)

And nearly half of UK is living in hard water areas so I would recommend to anyone getting a water softener. I only regret not doing it sooner.

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