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We have regular meetings in Kingskerswell (in between Torquay and Newton Abbot) for home-educators in the area.

The next meeting is on 1st March.

We meet at my home and that of another family in the village on alternate weeks - sometimes Monday and sometimes Thursday as we try to alternate to suit all people.

The meetings are very relaxed and run from 11am to 4pm, families come and go as they please.  All we ask is that you bring lunch for your family (and drinks - although tea, coffee, fruit teas, and squash can be provided - free of course!)  I just like to know that everyone has something had that they like to eat/drink.  Some families bring food to share with the group such as cakes, biscuits, salad, or fruit items.

The next meeting will be our fourth.  Attendance numbers are increasing steadily, and at our last meeting we had 16 children aged from 2 to 14.

If anyone would like any more information, please get in touch and I’ll be happy to help.

Jules x - Home-education and Positive Parenting Website (work in progress). - Our Home Education Diary.

Hello there

I am new hear and joined because of your home educaters post. I am possibly looking to move near to Torquay and will be going on holiday there on the 26th May for a week. Wondered if any homeeducaters will be meeting up, I would love to know what is on offer in the home educaton realm as I hom educate my 2 kids.

Hope you can advise me grin

I’ll send you a private message regarding meet-ups smile

Jules x - Home-education and Positive Parenting Website (work in progress). - Our Home Education Diary.

Hi Jules
I was wondering if you could PM me about the details of the next group meeting? I’m considering home schooling my 8year old daughter and needs as much advice/support as I can get. I live in Newton Abbot.
Thanks in advance

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