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Hi there,
I am a vegan mum who has a 21 month old daughter and another one on the way. I am still breastfeeding. I would like to meet like minded mums with whom to swop recipes and take the kids for walks or just stay at home and chat about anything. My names Cornelia and live in Golders Green/Brent Cross area. I am really interested in green issues and would love to learn more about being self sustainable. Thanks for reading this!

We’re vegan and I have a 17mo (also still bf), but we’re all the way down in Lewisham, which might as well be another city!

Oh yeah, I think I have only been there twice in 6 years!! Yes London is very large and spread out. At the moment my pregnant belly and a toddler is making public transport a bit of a problem. But otherwise we could have maybe met up. Oh well, good luck in your vegan ways wink

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