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Yesterday a new little boy started at our HE group and for the first time *ever* Sam actually played with another child!!  (not counting his older brother and sisters LOL)  They ran around together, played playdo while chatting away, read books together.  I could have wept, I felt so emotional.  The little boy was just 3 so was quite a lot younger and his language skills were better than Sam’s but they really enjoyed playing together.  Sam’s little eager, happy face as they ran round together was wonderful to see.  (bringing a tear to my eye thinking of it!)

And last night I started making Sam a new sock monkey and he’s become so attached to it.  He’s been holding it ever since, took it to bed, tucked him in.  It’s the first time he’s been attached to anything, and is really something.  He’s called it Jim (which is the name of the little boy from the HE group!).


Mummy to four little ones

ahh,thats lovely,well done Sam xx

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I am so happy for you!! I hope Sam and Jim will have many happy play times together!



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Aw Becky that is so so sweet! Im so happy for you and Sam, bless his little heart! x - Reusable Nappies and Natural Baby Goods - The Blog for All Things Real Nappy

Aw how lovely for him (and you), and to name his sock monkey after him is so sweet. xx

Oh LOVELY!!  Super post.

grin Lovely!

Nelly x

awww that is so sweet grin

Um, what is a sock monkey?

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Awwwwwwwwwwww. That’s lovely smile And I second Joxy’s Q - what is a sock monkey???????????

Beck x

Radically unschooling mama to three gorgeous pickles Alfie (April 06) and Holly (Nov 07), Amber (Nov 2010)

What a gorgeous post thank you! Hope Sam, Jim and Jim the Sock Monkee have many more happy times. grin

Bright Blessings, Emma.

Aaw, tear in my eye reading that - lovely smile

It’s been fab grin  Naturally, as soon as I finished the sock monkey he has lost all interest in it.  LOL

And - what is a sock monkey!!  Well - here is a great tutorial on how to make one:

And here are some pictures of sock monkeys - a wonderful toy, made entirely out of one pair of socks! grin  Mine don’t *quite* look as good as these ones though!


Mummy to four little ones

Ahhh that is so sweet to call his sock monkey after his new friend! So pleased hes found a little friend.

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