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Hi all

I am new to the forum. Have 8m old baby boy, profoundly deaf. As if it isnt hard enough trying to find like minded mamma’s anyway, I am now hoping to find like minded mammas within the deaf community. I want my baby to have friends with similar unbringing (eg long term breast feeding, veggie, non vacinating etc) but they need to be deaf too! Anyone out there???

Thanks : )

Lel ( in lewes)

Hi Lel,

I’m afraid mine are all hearing. I know in an ideal world it would be great to have like-minded friends with similar situations, but friends come in all shapes and sizes.  Also, no matter how much you may not like it, children will choose their own friends.

Have you started to get involved with your local Deaf community?  Have you contacted National Deaf Childrens Society? I would imagine they would be the people to turn to, as without communication, friendship doesn’t get very far. 

Having said that, you may find that certainly in his early years, he will have lovely friends who he can communicate with, developing their own “language” to facilitate play.  DS2 had hearing problems and was able to get by with his friends working out what he meant either through his attempt at speech or gesture.

In the meantime though, welcome to a lovely community of likeminded mamas, I hope you feel at home here.

Hi Lel,

My kids are both hearing, but as I live in Brighton I thought I would reply….

Before I had my girls I was a communication support worker , so if you fancied meeting up sometime…

sorry to be so brief, but LO is stirring

Lou x

Hi Lou

Thanks for reply! Thats interesting… do you sign then? We are trying to get a sense of how large the deaf community is in brighton and to be around more signers. We only know deaf children of hearing parents at the moment which is great - they’ve all been lovely to us! -  and helpful but not the same I think…

We are in brighton sometimes, usually once a fortnight, sometimes once a week so yes be nice to meet. And of course you are welcome to come hang in lewes with us : ) Let me know what you think.

Cheers Lou!

Lel x

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