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Basically, I got pretty bad stretchmarks from 6 months onwards underneath my bump and a few round on my sides. Figured I’d just have to hide them forever more…

Until last Thursday.

My son loves swimming. He’s 11 months old and he lives to go the swimming pool every Thursday morning.

So, imagine my dismay when I couldn’t find part of my swimming attire. Usually, I wear a tankini-type top, that covers my stomach, and bottoms. That day… well, could only find the bottoms.

Rather than disappoint Ru by not going swimming, I decided “F*ck it.” I wore a bikini top. Now, my stretch marks are practically skin colour, and I’ve gotten myself into better shape than I was BEFORE I had Ru, (apart from the now far-from-firm stomach), but still, going to a public swimming pool wearing a bikini showing the world my stretchmarks… it’s a big thing.

However, I had to do it for Ru, couldn’t disappoint him, you see?

So, we went swimming. With me in a bikini. No one laughed and pointed. Three mums asked me what the secret was to getting back in shape. One asked how I got rid of the rolls of side-fat from pregnancy (My answer, “Errr, I didn’t get them?!”). And every single mum there for the baby swim session commented on how good I looked.

Whilst I love the compliments, and it did make me feel hugely better about how I look, what I want to know is…

What made YOU accept your post-baby body? Was it one moment like me, or was it a slow realisation? Or have you not realised it at all?

Much love,


Blue-haired crunchy Mama to Ru (5 yrs), Pixie Willow (3 years) and Baby Gaia (7 months).

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Accept my body after pregnancy!!? Blimey I hope I learn to in time, but for now I’m really struggling with the changes that have happened and not feeling too good about it… I’m still a couple of stone heavier than before, so I’m looking forwards to gettiting ‘rid’ of the excess…

Be interesting to hear others’ views…?

I lost 2 and a half stone in the 11 months since Ru was born, but it was hard.

How long ago did you have yours, Charlotte.Moy?

Blue-haired crunchy Mama to Ru (5 yrs), Pixie Willow (3 years) and Baby Gaia (7 months).

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I think it comes with time, you never get your pre-pregnancy body back, but you learn to love the evidence that you have carried your children within your body, and have nursed them from your body.

My next challenge is accepting the laughter lines around my eyes, I hope that means I’ve spent plenty of time laughing! LOL

Well fat and stretch marks before baby, and still got it all after baby.

However, this is my body and sure while I wish I weren’t as fat, didn’t have spare tyres and what not.. it’s done me well and I’m very proud that my body grew and nurtured a baby to birth.. which ok was emergency c-section.. but still my boy is gorgeous, healthy and full of fun.  I saw a lady at the beach last year too, she had clearly had a number of children and her tummy was very squisy..and being that she had a tan, her stretch marks were very visible, yet I thought she was most real woman on that beach and she clearly didn’t give a hoot and embraced her body as it was.

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We need more women to do that, people celebrating the beauty of a body that has nurtured a child! x

Blue-haired crunchy Mama to Ru (5 yrs), Pixie Willow (3 years) and Baby Gaia (7 months).

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I had an ex bf who told me never to be worried about my stretch marks as they were my badge of honour for having brought my gorgeous daughter into the world! Made me see quite a few things differently smile

This time around, I’m determined to get fit after this baby is born - I lost the weight very fast - too fast - with ds because he was allergic to me having dairy products so I found it very hard to eat enough to feel full up, but I didn’t bother getting fit because I knew we wanted to have another baby quite soon - how bad does that sound?! As a result, I’m putting on more weight all over this pregnancy and I feel a bit rubbish - so next year I’m going to get myself back into shape.

But I totally agree - I love seeing people confident and proud in their bodies and it makes me feel silly for being worried about it at all!

Claire xx

What a great thread!  After having my five sprogs fairly close together (five children in ten years), my tummy is definitely squishy though I’m back in my old clothes again, although it always seems to take a good nine months to get back to that size each time and I don’t rush it.  Yes, I do feel a bit conscious about my tummy if I’m honest and that first day on holiday when I have to wear a swimming costume always make me anxious, but by the end of the holiday, I’m very cool about my lumps and bumps!  I got a LOT of stretchmarks despite slathering myself in cream and oils throughout my pregnancies, but I do actually like them, they come from a very happy time and as every other aspect of my life has changed since becoming a mum, why not my body too.  DH is very kind about my stretchmarks and he says that they mark where all our babies came from and so are a lovely thing and there’s no doubt that his attitude greatly helps mine.  smile  Before having children, I had a very fit body and was a trim size 12, but I had very low body confidence and used to fret about my small bust and chunky legs.  Now when I look in the mirror and see my curves, lumpy bits, squishy belly and stretchmarks I feel proud of what I’ve achieved and like my body much more than I ever used to.

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Ah, okay, I’m getting it. You know you guys are great for making me see things from another point of view. Love my scars and the evidence of such a wonderful time in my past… Yeah. Thats a great way of looking at it! I loved being pregnant SO SO much so I don’t think that’ll be hard actually. Thank you!

My son is nearly 4 months old and I put on nearly 3 stone. I’m now 2 stone over my pre pregnancy weight. So it’s coming off slowly….

My best friend came frequently to visit after I had my first baby.  One time I showed her my stretch marks and I must have said something critical about them - because she laughed and called them my Tiger Stripes, told me that they were something I should be PROUD of, and at that moment my whole head shifted a little.  I still call my stretchmarks “my tiger stripes”.  I hope all these years later she now loves her own stripes.  xxx

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I prefer my post-baby body to pre-baby body - guess I’m weird, but I suppose I’m also lucky that I didn’t get stretch marks with either. I’m older than a lot of the peeople on this forum so maybe its something to do with the fact that I was already getting a bit saggy anyway! All that breastfeeding seems to help me lose weight and I just look at it differently because of the joy of having the babies. I’ve never understood the concept of ‘getting my body back’ that people go on about (I think they mean post-bf-ing, but its all part of the same package I think).

I’m planning on taking Harry swimming again, but luckily I have a one piece so its not that scary.  As for my body, I hate it and think it is disgusting, but I thought that before pregnancy, so the pregnancies didn’t really change how I saw it, except maybe making me see how much I abuse it by stuffing junk food in!  Just keep thinking when I lose weight then I will at least appreciate it this time!

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I’ve been using dermelastic stretch mark serum for 2 weeks now on my stretch marks from having 3 babies and my stretch marks were purple, they are almost the color of my skin!! They are noticeable still, but have faded significantly in just 2 weeks! I’m shocked! This stuff is amazing!

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