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Sam is going through a phase of not being able to walk very far, which is sad as we had got rid of the buggy finally about 7 or 8 months ago.

And as he’s so big I just can’t carry him particularly far either.  However, if we are on a day out or a walk through woods etc then invariably he will need carrying after a mile or so of walking and from then the rest of the way.  He isn’t ‘being funny’ - he is too fatigued to walk.

I’m just not sure what to do.  I don’t want to lug around a buggy again as 1. it’s a pain and 2. if it’s there he will want to go in it far sooner which isn’t good for him either.  Are there any slings that could comfortably support a child this big?  I am contemplating the ergo again but haven’t heard of many 4.5yo+ being worn in an ergo and don’t want the outlay if it doesn’t work iykwim.

Any other ideas?


Mummy to four little ones

Hmmm, tricky one.  I have an ergo which I can still carry Minnie in, no problem, but she’s only 2, however I think they are so well-designed that a larger child could be carried ok in one, especially as it wouldn’t be for long, just when his little legs were tired!  They’re not cheap though are they, I got mine from Ebay, but it was still the best part of £80, although the resale value would always be high.  Has anyone tried those hip-seats that strap to your hip for an older toddler to sit on whilst you support them with one arm?

Just found this, regarding carrying older children which is interesting.  smile

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If you’re looking for another carrier, how about a Rose and Rebellion, much nicer and cheaper than an Ergo, and you’ll probably find it even cheaper preloved eg naturalmamas FSOT

I wouldn’t go for a Wrapsody Breeze though for a woven, too thin and diggy with an older child, Hoppediz, Storchenwiege or another GSW wrap would be a better choice

I have a friend who carries her 5 year old happily in an ergo.

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I have heard that podaegi’s are good for older children but I have no personal experience if it (...yet! smile)

I can put my 4.5 year old in my Ergo but he isn’t that tall or heavy for his age.  He still enjoys it but it is usually only with Daddy!  We have a hip-seat too but he would be much too big for that, the one-sidedness plus the small ledge would make for a precarious walk especially if you were on an uneven path.  Whenever we have wanted him to walk further than he wants we let him take his balance bike which means that he can coast along quite happily and so go much further!  It is fine for “off-roading” in the New Forest but I suppose it depends on the terrain you are thinking of.


I’m looking at the new ‘toddler’ patapum which has been weight tested up to 60lb, though they say over 40lb will probably be too heavy for most people to carry.  However, I *am* carrying him now in my arms and that is difficult so a sling must be easier!

Will think about the balance bike, he can def go for a long time on his scooter so maybe that’s a good option.


Mummy to four little ones

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