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just wondered if anyone had any recommendations about taking iron supplements during pregnancy - is this necessary? Are there other better ways to get it through diet instead?

Lots of green leafy veg and vitamin C which (as far as I can remember) helps the iron to be absored.  Personally unless you have a problem with your iron count I wouldn't take any extra iron if you have a good diet.

Yes I agree, unless the GP or Midwife have said you are anemic, normal diet is fine. However if you would like to boost your iron levels good sources in addition to green leafy veg are dried apricots (un sulfered) and pumpkin seeds. Also the best netural suppliment is Floradix, which most health food shops stock!

Have a happy pregnancy!
Naomi (a long time anemia sufferer!)  :)

I used mollasses when i was training for an ultra marathon and the best way to take it is straight and wash down immediately with fresh Orange Juice ( vit C helps absorption) but it is terrible tasting stuff.




Agree with the pp's. Ive been eating lots of dried apricots, green leafy stuff and occasional red meat (not a big meat eater usually) and if Im feeling particularly tired or breathless (Im 32 weeks pregnant) I take Floradix as it doesnt cause the constipation that some iron supps can. Oh and of course plenty of vit c to aid absorption. Ive heard Spa tone - an iron fortified water is very good at getting iron level up quick although it is supposed to taste like rusty water!


Nic, with 5 boys and counting…...

Black strap molasses is a good source.

Hi, i suffered from low iron in pregnancy and quite often when not pregnant too, i tried floradix which i hated, and eventually found a brilliant iron supplement which i'd reccomend its called Spatone 100% natural iron supplement, and its basically little sachets of water which happens to be very high in iron it comes directly from the source in Trefiw Wells Spa in Snowdonia. It says suitable for pregnant women on the box, i buy it from local health food shop and you just add it to a glass of fruit juice and when i'm low in iron it really seems to make a difference  smile


Dark chocolate is a good source of iron, brigng on the Green and Blacks  ;D raspberry

I would definitely say not to take iron supplements unless you are actually anaemic - they can cause nausea and constipation at the best of times but when you;re pregnant that's particularly unpleasant. I had awful sickness when I was pregnant but when I did eat, ate properly and was never actually anaemic despite all the throwing up so anaemia is by no means inevitable!

Liz grin x

Druid, boat-dwelling, home educating mum of DD1 (11), Aspie DS (9) and baby DD2 (2), & part-time step-mum to 2 stepdaughters, 9 and 7.

I agree but i seem to be very prone to aneamia throughout my life and i  guess some people are, only the stuff the doctor gives has those side effects using the spatone sachets i take there are no effects at all other than a slightly metallic taste and it does the job so well, i use it often. I do try hard to eat iron rich foods and eat spinach pretty much every day in salad but often seem to need more for some reason.


I had spatone in my second pregnancy- mixed with orange juice and you can hardly taste it (and it gets your vit.C too).

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