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Following on from the thread about campfire cooking, can anyone recommend some camping crockery?  For the past few years we have been camping on a budget, buying only things we needed (i.e. didn’t have already) so we have been using plastic party/picnic plates and bowls for eating out of.  I don’t like using them and now the knives have scratched them making them even less hygienic than before.

What would you recommend?  I looked at the enamel plates in a camping shop yesterday but wasn’t impressed with the quality (chips on the edges even!) and wondered about how long they would last.

Any advice appreciated!


My mum used to be a chef and I think that the best option here would be to go for some ex-catering stock. The quality is unbeatable - bomb-proof! And you can pick up items on ebay often or other auctions, catering gear comes up frequently when companies go broke or change hands or re-fit the kitchens or whatever. Stainless steel’s usually very expensive but second hand, you’ll get it quite cheaply from ex catering outlets.

Love and light, Rach. x

I guess the melamine really lasts forever. We’ve still got the two plates we bought as teenagers when we first started camping with the scouts etc. But it is a kind of plastic. Don’t have experience with enamel, I do like the look of them, but keep in mind that enamel transfers heat very well, so your plate will be hot on your knees, and your mug hot in your hand.



(Lets number 63)

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