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We had a guy come into our HE group yesterday to talk about a free school he is setting up, and he’s already at the point of having trustees/organisational set up and their ethos/curriculum is with the dept for ed to be signed off within the next 3 weeks!!!  I didn’t realise things had moved on apace tbh.

So, he gave us more info about this (but obviously this might not be accurate) specifically, any premises can now become a ‘school’ as legislation is/has been removed or altered.  Anyone setting up a school has to have a written ethos and a curriculum of their own devising plus policies/procedures in place for assessing attainment.  They will be ofsted by the organisation which ofsteds independent and private schools which is apparently different from the state school ofsted.  Once the curriculum/ethos have been signed off/premises sought and the school has proof of a demand they will get £5000 per child.

So, the school he is setting up was a theatre school that will teach through stage and theatre skills including lighting/set design/performance/music etc for 2 days a week and a curriculum for other subjects for 3 days a week.  He was basically looking for ideas and suggestions and went away considering flexi schooling options, setting up a learning centre where kids can enroll for specific courses or use facilities and being more child led and autonomous, possibly steiner centred or based etc.  I think he got more suggestions than he bargained for!!  LOL

Oh, and his school would be aged 7-16, no more than 120 children, so he said.  He said they wouldn’t do under 7’s because the regulations in place for this age wrt curriculum and early years would still be in place for free schools and they didn’t want to do that.

Anyway thought others would be interested to hear about this and more info has been sent out which you can read here:

Anyone else heard any more?


Mummy to four little ones

Not heard any more but Molly’s Montessori is going for Free Schools status :D
£5,000 per child sounds about right too based on M’s fees.

Do you know if they will be approved by September? I hope so. It would be nice to know she could attend next year for free. I’m almost delerious at the thought. LOL.

I do/did want to HE, but I’m having opposition/aggro from my mum, so this would be perfect, especially if we can still Flexi school (just 3 or 4 days a week rather than the full 5; we currently just do 2).

I really like the sound of the Drama/performing arts one too. There need to be more schools like that, that offer ‘alternative’ skills (drama, acting, music, cooking, art, etc etc) in larger (& more autonomous/‘free range’) doses than the current curriculum allows for.

HE’ing, formerly co-sleeping, BF’ing, BWing, BLWing & Cloth-nappying wannabe eco-warrior, organic-eating, mostly vegan mum to K (16/11/06) and M (26/04/04) and squish due 5/7/16 :D.
Also 2 dogs, 6 cats, and 6 hens.

I agree, Phoenix- why can’t there be schools to learn carpentry, car mechanics and so on- rather than pushing everyone into academic subjects which often don’t lead to employment. We need more people learning a trade instead of all these degrees in this-and-that at the university of do-as-you-please.  If the free schools allow a broader education then hurrah say I!

Now we’re talking!
Funny I was starting to think along these lines because I know there would be great demand in my area when we’re back in England.
I wonder if Steiner schools could go for this?
Where is the montessori school your children attend Pheonix?

To dare is to lose ones footing temporarily, to not dare is to lose oneself.

LETS number 137

It’s Westcliffe Montessori in Keighley.

It has a good uptake for the nursery (6m to 5yrs), but as soon as children hit 4 or 5 they end up leaving to go to a mainstream school - often the children don’t want to leave and wish to stay on for the elementary classroom, it’s purely down to fees.

HE’ing, formerly co-sleeping, BF’ing, BWing, BLWing & Cloth-nappying wannabe eco-warrior, organic-eating, mostly vegan mum to K (16/11/06) and M (26/04/04) and squish due 5/7/16 :D.
Also 2 dogs, 6 cats, and 6 hens.

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