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We’re a group of families hoping to start a Steiner school in Leicestershire.  It’s at the very early stages (not even had our first meeting yet let alone got a location!) but would love to hear from other families in the area who may be interested.  We’ve got a website so please have a look and get in touch if interested.  Would also be great to hear from people who have experience of setting up a Steiner school.  A meeting is planned for next month, see website for more details.

We’ve got a date for our first meeting! Saturday 16th October at 2pm at Knighton Parish Centre, Church Lane, Knighton, Leicester LE2 3WG.  Kevin Avison of the Steiner Waldorf Advisory Service will talk about Steiner education and then we will discuss the Leicestershire school project. All are welcome.  Please spread the word to Leicestershire families!  Thanks. More details at

Have a read of our article in the local paper

Did make us sound somewhat ‘nutty’ I think, but has gotten the project some good publicity! - Reusable Nappies and Natural Baby Goods - The Blog for All Things Real Nappy

Hi there sounds like we are in similar situations as we are setting up a steiner inspied kindergaten hopefully for next september.
we have a yurt and are looking for land to rent, as prices here in n.devon are extortionate!

we have been running a parent and child group for nearly 2 years so this is the next stage really. we have a commited core group of mums and we keep all the other mums in the child group up to date with developments. try and get yourselves some free small business start up advice ask your council you have proberly done this aready as there are so many differtent models from charitys to full blown profit making ventures. definately worth seeking some pro advice

so we should try and help each other with advice and support if that can work some how! we have a blog page
so you can have a peek at that if you would like!
so good luck and i hop we can help each other on this journey!!


Have pm’ed you smile - Reusable Nappies and Natural Baby Goods - The Blog for All Things Real Nappy

I am very interested. I’d love my children to go to a Steiner school. Live in Syston. I’ll be going to the group on the 26th. Has anyone posted on netmums?

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