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Targirl, it is a slow and steady transition when you find an alternative path you are intrigued by. We are doing the P & C groups until we can save the deposit for a KG place and until I get a job that allows me to take them there but it is nice to start intergrating into the community in the litle ways we can. I can’t wait for the winter fair then I can drag my boyfriend along and show him the place as well.
Thanks for the name of the book.
Much love Xa

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Sarah - I think it’s on both days Tuesday & Wednesday well that’s what the KG Teacher said anyways cos we were thinking that Paul could go on Tuesdays and I’d do a Wednesday every second week (I dont work Wed/Thurs & he doesn’t work Tues/Fri) I’ll text her tomorrow to doublecheck…....... 
Thanks Gipsyrose - it is a very slow transition especially when there’s noone around - it’s funny everytime I kind of give up on the whole waldorf idea I’ll pick up something and it will be mentioned or bump into someone who’s a link to it - that tells me to continue trying to introduce it in some way:)

Ok Orla, thanks. Funny you should say that about Steiner keeps popping up when youd begun to give up on the idea… really feels like that for me. I keep thinking Ive shut the door on it and something happens to re-open it. Ive decided to go and have another look at the kindy with DH this time. I need to ask the teacher a few questions that are buzzing around my head & then make a final decision one way or the other!

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Oh I’ve misplaced her number, I know it’s around somewhere, the place has become a bit of a mess over the past few days :(
Do go a speak to her, she is so nice and very welcoming…......... I’ll have a proper look for number before I head to bed and pm you it tomorrow…........
hugx Orla

Dont worry too much, I can prob get hold of her via other people x

To dare is to lose ones footing temporarily, to not dare is to lose oneself.

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