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My DS2 was diagnosed in Feb with Apraxia at the age of 3 and a half.  Also known as Oral motor apraxia.  I have yet to meet anyone else who has a child with this.  I have been given info the Apraxia website in UK and USA by Speech therapist.  But still would be lovely to talk to another parent about it, so far can only talk to his Speech and Phyiso therapists who understand condition but not how it feels as a parent.

Thanks Coco x

I’ve no experience with Apraxia, Contact A Family may be able to help put you in touch with other family’s with the condition. DS has been diagnosed with DCD (Devlopmental Coordination Disorder) his motor control is really poor, is your DS affected other than verbally? DS’s speech is really poor , but some of that may be due to his Autism.

Have you had any guidence on things that may help?


Hi tonkertribe,

Thanks for the advise, I have had a look at their website and there is lots of useful info on there. 

He is just being tested to ascertain his level and then a plan will be put into place so we can go from there.


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