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It is an article about a family with 13 children.  I found it an interesting read.

The only things were that the emphasis in the family was obviously on 'appearances' - having a neat and tidy house and the children being 'turned out' well.  I only have 4 but I know that to have a pristine house and ironed clothes etc etc means sacrificing a lot of time with the children, especially with so many little ones.

And the mum was horrified by any suggestion that she used hand me down clothes  :(  "Not when they are so cheap in primark"  :(  A shame that.

At least a large family was being presented as something that you could do, rather than as a bunch of freaks as is often the case (or a bunch of dole bludgers living in houses paid for by THE TAXPAYER to scare the wits out of the daily mail readers  wink )


Mummy to four little ones

There is a TV programme on about 'large families' - Channel 4's Cutting Edge series, on at 9pm on Thursday.

Should be interesting viewing if only to see how the families are depicted.

I think the families in question (those appearing in programme) are all biologically related.

£600-£700 per week at the supermarket for parents and 11 children (2 left home)...we have DH, myself and 6 children at home and our shopping bill is £135!!! Wonder what they buy!!!

I did wonder that exact same thing!!  that is 30-35,000 a year just on groceries!  Her husband must be earning a lot as a civil servant  ???

There are six of us at home and I would say that our weekly bill is around 80-90.  Double it or even treble it for 15 people at home and still you are a long way off £600.  I do think that for articles like this it is all hyped up massively.  You know, we do 15 washes a day, eat 35 loaves a day, drive a coach etc etc.

My next door neighbour said she couldn't survive without her dryer with the number of children she has (3) which amazed me as we've never had one and we have 4 kids - admittedly it's a pain in winter but not unmanageable.


Mummy to four little ones

Holy Cow, There's 3 of us (soon to be 4)  and our weekly bill is:
£13.95 for our veg box
£4 on extra veggies market day (tuesday)
£5 on juices
£5 per week on toiletries (toothpaste, shower gel and suncream currently bought this week!)
£1.90 weekly organic choclate bar treat for Me and DD. (Montazumas strawberry and paprika, yum)
£3 on flour eggs and yeast, which is bought once a fortnight and does most of our bread for the 2 weeks.
£1ish on organic wholemeal loaf which he take sto work as sandwiches.

Total: £33.85 (about £10 per head per week)

How on earth do they spend that much on food!?If you take £10per head, per week, they'd only get through £130. Sheesh.  :o

Earth mummie,
just curious - what do you eat for protein?
We spend about twice that amount for us and I've never managed to get our budget down  ???

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LETS member 35

I saw this advertised on telly too, going to hopefully watch it if Minnie lets me.  Trouble is, if I stay up and watch late things on telly, I'm nearly always weepy and feeling washed out the next day.  I guess I need my sleep at the moment.

It will be interesting to see an English family too as I've often watched stuff about the 'Dugger' Family in USA with their massive house and about 4 washing machines and a larder so big, it would put our local Spar to shame!  That just seems unrealistic to me, so I'm looking forward to the English one.  Shame that they don't do hand me downs as you say.

£600-£700 A WEEK on groceries????  Ack!!   :o

Home educating Mammy to DD aged 13, DS aged 12, DS aged 10, DD aged 7, DD aged 3 and DS aged 2 weeks!!  grin

We buy from the butchers in town, and freeze. About once a month.
We get fresh chicken in (fr, obv) for sunday tea, but most of our protein is thawed!
If you include our 'meat buying' I guess you'd get the total for that paticular week up to about £45-50, but that then lasts the month, so it works out at around an extra £4.04 a week. We buy things like half a lamb, and then use all the cuts to feed us for the month. I'll also buy bulk packs of chops and just do different things with them to make tea more exciting.

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