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What do you do with all the stuff you can’t even give away on free cycle?  I’ve got various things that no-one seems to want, but still have useable value, what can I do with it?

Charity shop, poss someone without internet access can find them there, but not freecycle?

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I’ve posted quite a few things on free cycle recently, and still have loads not wanted.  Things like fish tank accessories, fireguard, even a high chair, admittedly it has done 4 children, but still useable. It’s as if people only want second hand stuff if it is in pristine condition.

There are some charities that take things for families in crisis, I’d guess a local Church (or other religious organisation) would know of somewhere.  We have a Basics Bank in Derby that take canned and dried foods, and often things a family might need if setting up from scratch for any reason.  A women’s refuge might take the baby things…  Otherwise I think you might need to find a larger charity shop to donate the bulky things to!

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I’ve had similar experiences, it does get annoying when you literally can’t give away stuff with lots of life in it yet. In my experience, people want stuff that is in pristine condition from strangers but if you can find people you know who want it, they aren’t so particular. Can you spread the news of what you have to offer at the schoolgate or something? Otherwise, I have had good experiences with the Salvation Army who often run furniture shops for families in crisis, and I also gave a load of stuff to local Women’s Refuge. It was a real slog trying to find someone who wanted it though and I was at the point of just taking it to the dump!

Liz grin x

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Nottingham city centre has a freecycle shop and apparently other cities have them too. Have you tried posting on freecycle more than once? I know I don’t check my e-mails from them for a while and when I do I only check the last couple of days presuming the older items have been taken. A notice in your post office window maybe. The other have given good idea about charities too.

Ha, look at me trying to give you ideas when I have a kitchen full of stuff to re-home.

That’s frustrating, you’d have thought that someone would want those things as they’d be expensive to buy new.  I guess you’ve tried your local free-ads papers?  I know it sounds bizarre, but maybe by charging a very low price, people may think they’re getting a bargain, as opposed to thinking that the items have no value iykwim.  Madness of course, but folks are strange!!  Failing that, yes, charity shops ought to be very happy to take those things.

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Aisling - 26 January 2011 01:19 PM

What do you do with all the stuff you can’t even give away on free cycle?  I’ve got various things that no-one seems to want, but still have useable value, what can I do with it?

What are they? Maybe someone on here might have use for them?

Skye x

Have you tried Boomerang? They will usually take most stuff and they have 2 shops in Redditch now.

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One persons junk is another treasure - can’t believe you couldn’t get rid of a fire gaurd, we tried and tried to get one on frecycle and second hand localy and kept missing out or getting ridiculesly out bid on e-bay ::)

Charity shops are great for getting rid though, we did a bring and give away at home ed group the other day then took everything left over to a charity shop, that was fun and left the loft a wee bit emptier.

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I’ve found a few things that havent gone on freecycle have gone on netmums, worth a try?

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