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We have a big TV. It is a long story.

It has no remote control. Also, and I don’t really understand this, but it is obsolete because of some digital switchover?

Its been lurking in our junk room for a few years.

Unfortunately it kind of has sentimental value (don’t get me started) but it needs to go.

So what can I do with it, aside from taking it to the tip?

I’d normally look for a refuge or similar, but it is a bit rubbish really as it doesn’t have a remote control.

Any thoughts?

I recently gave away a non-digital TV on Freegle (our local version of Freecycle). I’m far from being a technical expert, but I think, so long as you have a digi box you can still use it.  Also, you can buy universal remote controls, so maybe someone could still use it.  Or even if they just wanted to use it to watch DVDs.  Failing that, I know you don’t want to take it to the tip, but at ours there is a special area for TVs and electrical equipment and I believe that they take them apart for parts, so they’re not completely scrapped.

Lizzie x

Mum to Isaac, Dec 2003

how about kids a screw driver ?

when life gives you a rainy day play in the puddles !!!
mum to 4 sons 13,7,4 and 2
a daughter 8 years ,
and always in my heart my angel xx

Kids and a screwdriver’s a bad idea, televisions contain all manner of nasty things. I have heard tell of ecologically sound dumping station for old televisions, maybe google it? Our local dump’ll take them and dismantle them appropriately but that seems a waste if it’s not broken. Do you ever just watch DVDs or videos? It’d still work as a monitor. Oh yes, sorry the dig switch might affect it, I can’t tell w1qqithout looking, sorry.  Another thought, community centres and schools often take old equipment for computing and telly watching, perhaps ask around?

Love and light, Rach. x

i would try freecycle.  might still be good for someone to hook a dvd playeror games console up to.

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