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we have been saving our jiffy bags for years now and although we use some of them, we have more than we need. here is my problem, do i put them on freecycle etc with my name and address on the front?
anyone on here want them? ha!

lucky Mum to two daughters aged 6 and 3.

I must admit, it had never crossed my mind that it would be a problem giving them away with my name and address on.  I always stick mine on freecycle.  Lots of people using Ebay like to use them.

I’d never thought about that either i suppose, if the freecycler knows your name and collects from your house they will have the information anyway. I wouldn’t worry too much. I tend to re-use mine and I’d like to think they get re-used again so lots of people have my address!!

Sarah x

I shouldn’t think it would be a problem as they get most if not all of that info when they come to collect, but if you’re worried just cross your info off or put a sticker or something over the mailing label before you freecycle.

New mum learning day by day

I tend to cross it all out with a black marker before I reuse.

Nelly x

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