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I don’t drive and don’t want to drive for many reasons - cars too expensive/not green/we have one of DH’s anyway and don’t want two.  I really fancy an adults trike, someone on here rides one I seem to remember?  I would be able to get to home ed groups and the park much easier, am a bit nervous of roads though, is it really scary?  Also, my DD is four and will be five in May, could I find a child seat for her still and would it be safe enough?  Any experience/advice?  Thanks in advance


Hello Lesley,

It is WonderWoman who has a trycicle I think. I will have a look for you and ask dh, he has had many wonderful bikes in the past. You could have a rickshaw from Cyclesmaximus cheese There is a magazine and presumably a website that specialises in work bikes called Velovision, you could try them.

Is there a reason you want a tricycle in particular?

Yes, it is me. Tricycles are brilliant. We bought ours new Pashley Picador but if you search on ebay there are generally lots with child seats on the back.

Well, maybe not ‘lots’ come to think of it, but certainly a few, it is the kind of thing that people have for a few years and they get rid of. Myself, me and Babes love our trikes.

We had a tag-a-long for a while when we didnt have a car and dd got too heavy for a bike seat. Tricycles look great though although quite expensive, can you try one out somewhere before you buy?

eta - with a tag-a-long lo can help pedal grin

Yes. Our local bike shop did that. I remember thinking it was very expensive but seeing how much money we have saved…

There’s an article in the latest issue of Juno magazine where a lady transports her LOs in a dutch cargo bike which has a wooden box on the front that they sit in. She got it from http://www.dutchbikes.co.uk.

Would certainly keep you fit!

LOL Claire I am starting to wonder if I am safe to be unleashed on one of them, plus D and big boy are telling me I will be heckled and chased haha


I have a tricycle too called susie and she is a red “we the people one”, I get shouted out quite a lot but it’s all in good fun and I agree about the street cred!. I do most of my food shopping in my basket on the back but when my youngest was smaller he used to sit in the basket as I rode along, that sounds dangerous Im sure but he held on tight!!!. My friends that can ride bikes and have tried to ride mine have struggled, I can’t ride a bike so that wasn’t a problem for me, not sure if the other ladies on here found that?

I got mine out the local paper in the classifieds but they do seem to be very popular, I struggled to find a cheap one, they always come up on ebay though but always have loads of bids x

Hey Ruby I just saw one on ebay in Blackpool smile


can I ask a really daft but genuine question.

what is the advantage to using a trike over a bike-say with a trailer or tagalong or child seat (I’ve taken 4 year olds on a bike seat)? I’d just have thought a trike was heavier and harder work than a bike, and I assume you don’t have gears?

Edith for me it’s simply that I can’t ride a bike smile



is it that hard to learn though? I’m sure our local leisure centre does classes. Just thinking it might be cheaper and give you more options? And the other advantage is that you’d be up to date on highway safety, which I do think is really really important for cyclists in this country.

Round here, I think what could actually be a real PITA with a trike is that we seem to have a lot of those bollard things blocking off roads, there so you can’t get a car down them, only a bike, but in practice am sure they’d stop a trike too.

Think trikes are lovely, but in the city I’m in, a bike would be my own first choice for a number of reasons (unless I had several kids who needed to go in car seats).

i use a trike and can transport my 3 1/2 and 2 year old on it well. i could propable put them both on there till they were riding themselves too.
mine is a trikadoo. i prefer it to pashleys as the bench is facing forwards so i can see them and communitcation on noisy roads is much easier.
i choose this over a bike and trailer as i really dont think a trailer is safe on city roads.  as they are wider and much lower than a bike as a driver they are hard to see.
so i suppose it depends on the types of roads you use.
mine has 7 gears, and is harder to pedal than a normal bike, but it does only have smallish wheels. if it had bigger wheels it would be much easier.
it is heavy, i could not pick it up easily.
we do have lots of those stupid stop you cars going down lanes things, but when i have taken a trailer i do have just as much problem getting them under / around the bars.
there are bike carriers for older children and if i had just 1 child i needed to transport this would be my method of choice.
my bike trailer is 1 that converts into a buggy type thing,
So for me it depends on where i am going to weather i choose the trike or trailer.
my trike cost £500 from ebay second hand.
as for ‘cool’ factor i only ever get gret comments from people and smiles from most every one else.

when life gives you a rainy day play in the puddles !!!
mum to 4 sons 13,7,4 and 2
a daughter 8 years ,
and always in my heart my angel xx

You can sail along elegantly on a trike. I have transported pieces of furniture with it, compost bins, bags of compost, shopping, children…
Also you take up more room which means generally it feels safer. And if you get tired on a cycle way you can just stay put and sit down.

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