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Does anyone use these? Eden was suggested to use problem was all te shops in England had a real hospital clinical feel to them which I have to say I didnt appreciate…so anyway this link shows the one I have ordered, had confirmation that it’s been placed in the post today I can’t wait!!!! choose horses among flowers if it doesnt show it’s very pretty smile

Mummy to two lovely children one girl aged 9 and a boy aged 3 smile

It looks lovely - what does it actually do? I read through the website, and understand that it is supposed to help children with ASD, and a host of other things including sleepwalking, but it didn’t seem to explain *how* it helped. Does it stop the child getting out of bed?

Is it something to do with liking the feeling of heaviness? If it is, I so want one! smile I am the person who can’t sleep without a winter thickness duvet even in the middle of summer, because I like the weight on me! smile

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Hi yes it’s the weight which helps relax you and makes extra serotonin smile Can’t wait to recieve it she’s trailing one at the minute but this will actually be all hers and in this lovely design too. The downside is that she wets the bed again now as she doesnt wake up, so Im having to toilet her before I go to bed smile

Mummy to two lovely children one girl aged 9 and a boy aged 3 smile

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