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Just wondering about setting up a blog, I think I’d like to set one up to follow my dd progress but I’m not 100% sure as I don’t want to focus on all negative stuff… I also have a young son maybe the blog should be looking at both? Also can you set your blog to invite only as I don’t want an open forum so to speak.

Mummy to two lovely children one girl aged 9 and a boy aged 3 smile

You can set a Blog (using Blogger) to ‘invite only’ or to ‘non-searchable’ (so won’t show up if someone tries to search for it). I have both types! The ‘invite only’ method works fine- it sends an invite to the invited person’s e-mail who then accepts the invite, but invitees must have a Google email account (G-mail) so check that out first with whoever you want to invite to it. As for what/who you Blog about, I’d say that all depends on your audience and/or your reasons for Blogging (is it to inform family/friends? or a more personal journal for yourself…?)

...and you can also control ‘Comments’- allow them or not etc.

Right thankyou moggy, that’s interesting gives me food for thought smile

Mummy to two lovely children one girl aged 9 and a boy aged 3 smile

I post the negative stuff too, but nothing that I would be upset for them to read some day.  I also copy accross the activities-type posts to a blog that’s just for them as a record of their childhoods (when I get round to it and usually in large batches lol).  smile

Living, loving, learning, laughing, growing, with
8yo Jenna (August 04)
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and toddling baby Talia (December 11)

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I just wanted to be able to some how follow how my DD is progressing as she’s not following the same rate as kids her age BUT wanted to somehow make that positive which Im struggling with at the min :(

Mummy to two lovely children one girl aged 9 and a boy aged 3 smile

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