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I don’t know if any of you listens to Radio 2, but they have Parenting Week on this week.
It has made me think about ups and down of the last 22 months and I though maybe you wished to share some thoughts.

My Ups:
- I love being a parent
- I’m happy the way my son has turned into a lovely toddler (hopes it stays this way smile), friendly and full of joy
- I love how much I am learning from him, and how more patient I have became…

My Downs:
- Some days it is very tiring and consuming
- I wished I had a little more imagination and a bit more time to consume with him (maybe that will be something I will learn from him too).
- I wished I could control my temper at times.

I don’t usually listen to R2, but caught it today.  It was talking about when the children grow up and leave the nest.  Very ironic as today dd2 signed the lease for her first flat.  I have very mixed emotions tonight, but I would say it seems only moments since I first gazed at that fuzzy head.  It passes so quickly - really it does.  Cherish the time with them. xx

this is my biggest fear Jacqui, our time with them is so short, I’m worried I’m going to blink and miss it!  X

Some people are always grumbling because roses have thorns. I am
thankful that thorns have roses

Mamma to Zander River nearly 5, Gaia Arwen Sky nearly 3

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