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Very pressed for space and difficult to believe there isn’t anyone who wouldn’t want this…

Cost £500 odd new, it is is the sort of thing you could use for generations, but we can’t store it and so need to get rid.
Babes has used it. Could do with scrub and if you need instructions or spare screws you can get them from manufacturer.
PM me for hopefully hassle free pick up (Cheshire) we need the space!

Hi WW, do you still have the cot bed availble?
just wondering where in cheshire you are? i have a cheap ikea cot for my one year old and am really tempted by this beautiful looking cot x
what age do you think its suitable for?

Mummy to William, Beltane baby born 1st May 2010. Finding my way as a natural mummy respecting baby and the world we live in.

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