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Are you backing the royal wedding or do you think that the money could be better spent elsewhere?I’m not watching it as it doesn’t interest me however I know there are mixed public feelings about it!

Mummy to two lovely children one girl aged 9 and a boy aged 3 smile

i think in the middle of a recession, when child benefit is being frozen and tax credits streamlined, when people are losing jobs all over the place or having pay cuts/pay freezes, to expect the nation to sit goggle eyes while two incredibly rich people have a big party to which we oiks are only invited via the TV is like something out of 1984. its bread and circuses.

I guess Im sat on the fence to be honest alot of employers cannot afford to give there whole workforce yet another bank holiday and some people don’t get paid or have a day in leiu etc. I won’t be watching it as I’ll be working.
As for the bank holiday one after another seems a little much to me but then again thats just me smile
I get your point about the children side, I guess it’s magical to kids the idea of princess and all that malrky smile

Mummy to two lovely children one girl aged 9 and a boy aged 3 smile

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