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Hello everyone,

I’m new to this forum and part of the kernow steiner project, a group of parents setting up a Steiner Kindergarten in North Cornwall. We have managed to find two wonderful teachers with experience of pioneering new ventures and will be opening the Kindergarten in September.  We have a group of around 8 children so far, with space for a few more so if you know of anyone who might be interested please let them know.  We have a website with all our contact details on at and we are having a May Day festival this sunday and everyone is welcome!

Kernow Steiner project has had a few attempts to get a Kindergarten off the ground and has in the past been let down at the last minute (twice in fact) by teachers who didn’t make it here after all.  I’m really convinced this time it will be different, one of our teachers is coming down next week to be here over the summer (and onwards) to help us get set up and the other has already handed in her notice at her current job…the venue is agreed at Basill Manor and now we have the ofsted process to get through with the mountains of paperwork that go with that.  What we really need is a fundraiser so we can offer some bursaries to the older children once they are too old for the nursery funding - any local fundraisers out there?

would love to hear from anyone else interested in kindergarten or able to join in this herculean effort!  We are hoping to grow it into a school for 7-14 year olds once the kindergarten is open,


Where abouts are you opening?  Is it tintagel?  We were following your progress for a while as originally you were hoping for Bodmin weren’t you?

We live just over the border in to Devon, would love to be able to send the girls (and boy!) but I fear it may be slightly too far for us now sadly! Good luck though! x

GP LETS member #130

DD1 May 08, DD2 April 10, DS born on our 4th wedding anniversary, 07-07-11!


Not tintagel any more sadly, that all fell through early spring 2010 after the teacher never arrived :-( but in fact where it is now is a more beautiful space.  It’s at Basill Manor, St Clether which is about ten mins from launceston, just off the A395.  The Manor is a beautiful old gothic rambling place, with the old hall dating back to medieval times.  We are in a more recent bit, the ‘tea room’ with scope to expand upstairs into the weavery if there are enough people needing it.

It’s lovely to know you were following progress….It did all go quiet for a while as we searched for another teacher, but now we are updating the website and even a facebook page - (mixed views on that one but we are trying everything to reach people who might be interested!) I’ve always thought there must be other people around who would be interested but its so hard to find a way to reach them….maybe this is it?!

Come along to our May Day on Sunday anyway if you are free, you can check out the journey and see the good to meet you!

We’re also setting up a Steiner kindergarten in North Devon at the mo. - opening in October 2011!
So exciting to hear of another venture just around the corner.
We’re based on the grounds of Tapeley Park, near Bideford. Our classroom is a large yurt and we’ll be taking advantage of the woodland we’;re in. We’ll have compost loos, solar panels and veg. gardens…very exciting but lota of hard work, which i’m sure you know!
I’d love to come to your May Day celebration, but i’ll be away for the weekend. Would it be possible to come along another time to meet and chat?...

much luck and good wishes!
love Frances

Would you like me to pass on the message of your may day fair to the parents of our parent and child group? I’m sure a few would come along and support you.

Oh my goodness, you’re that near to Launceston?!?!!  *very excited dance!*

Would you be kind enough to pm me details of the may day event, my husband is working this weekend but I would love to come along!!

GP LETS member #130

DD1 May 08, DD2 April 10, DS born on our 4th wedding anniversary, 07-07-11!


Just wanted to let you know that our Kindergarten group will be starting at Basill Manor, St Clether in a couple of weeks! Lots and lots to do in a very short space of time!!  It will be in a slightly unusual form though, as once again we have been let down by a teacher (for her own family reasons) which unfortunately means we cannot yet register with Ofsted.  Can’t quite beleive it.  But, our remaining teacher has an excellent qualification and plenty of experience but as her qualification pre-dates Ofsted’s levelling rules, they won’t recognise it and allow us to register yet.  So we are recruiting for a level 3 steiner -trained kindergaten teacher /assistant to work alongside. 

However, the children we have can’t wait that long (they just keep growing!) so in the meantime we are starting a small group with a few parents present on site during the session, working in the background but available if needed.  We hope that as soon as a suitable second teacher comes forward we can offer full kindergarten sessions. 

Periwinkles parent and child group will also be at Basill Manor now, and term starts on Thursday 15th September at 10am.  Children aged 0-3 and a half are welcome, we’ll be easing ourselves into Autumn singing songs , baking, crafting and playing!  Do come along if you would like to - we’re a friendly bunch! 

That’s it for now!  Enjoy the bank holiday weekend!

That sounds great - well done!
I would love to come and visit on the next open day/festival you have. It sounds as if we’re on a similar route! - We don’t have any problems with our teacher, but Ofsted are taking such a long time to file our report, that we’re aiming to open in October - and may also have small sessions with parents around on site.
Good luck and warm wishes!
Frances, Two Rivers Steiner inspired kindergaren

Thanks Frances, I’ll keep you posted.  We’d like to come and see you all sometime too, so keep us posted too please!  Well done for getting your Ofsted registration underway, its a crazy process and so much paperwork!

It is crazy and takes such a long time for anything to happen! We had our initial inspection in July and are still wating for the report! Anyway, that’s life!
Good luck and hopefully meet you soon,
we have a blog with news etc…

love Frances

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